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10 Best Instagram Tips

Instagram has been around since 2012 but its constantly changing and sometimes its difficult to keep up with it. I have been with the platform since the start and I thought I would but together 20 of my best tips ever. These will help steer you in the right direction to better growth and engagement!

These tips have specifically worked for me so I really hope they will work for you guys as well!


1.  Use the right hashtags

Its so important to use great hashtags and mix them up all the time! My go to way of getting the best hashtags are first of tagging the location ( or brand, tourism account etc ) then tagging a few feature accounts that usually feature similar style photos. I don’t like to tag broad terms like #beach #girl #sunday #motivation etc as these are not likely to get you any new likes, followers or features. Also stay away from spammy looking hashtags.

2. Post at the right time

Have you ever had a photo you loved so much you wanted to post right away only to see it completely tank. The frustration is real as is the disappointment. I have now learnt that posting at certain times definitely ups your engagement. If you go have a look at your insights it will usually tell you when your followers are most active and most likely to engage. For me its between 6pm and 8pm +2GMT but I would suggest testing out different times over a couple of weeks to see that works best for you!

3. Create great captions

Captions have always been the most difficult part of posting a photo on instagram for me. You capture your followers attention with a beautiful photo but you keep it and create engagement with words. Some people are great at posting longer thought provoking captions and others like me prefer knowing a bit more about my followers by asking them questions.

4. Only post your best content

This might take a while to get the hang of and the urge to post everything will be real but try and restrain yourself. Posting only your best content does not mean posting a “fake” life. It just means having pride in yourself. Whether you are trying to sell a destination, a product or a way of life the message will be much clearer if the picture is if you catch my drift. Don’t sell yourself short and just work a bit harder to get something up on your feed that you will really love having there. Just like you don’t want your house or your life to be dirty dull and cluttered, your feed shouldn’t be those things either.

5. Perfect your instagram theme

Whether it is bright or moody or mostly landscapes in different hues don’t under estimate the power of a good theme. The theme or aesthetic of someones account is what gets me hooked and makes me follow so in my opinion its really really important! Check out this post I did all about creating your own theme on instagram.

6. Do something completely different

The best way to get your name out there is to do something different and create what people haven’t seen. It’s not very easy though and I still work on it everyday but even the smallest step can take you in the right direction! Shoot somewhere different, change up your angles or your editing, experiment with video and create things that are shareable! To give an example, a few months ago someone came up with story question templates and they shot up over 200k followers in a few weeks. Find something like that and you are set.

7. Use instagram stories everyday

Your life might not be the most interesting every single day but your followers want to know whats going on. Keep them in the loop with stories or share some tips and tricks with them. Show them what you cook for dinner or ask advice on a subject. There are so many great ways to keep engaged!

8. Post consistently

If you post once a month maybe twice people will not remember you. It’s very difficult to create a following that is there for you when you hardly post or post erratically. Posting 5 times a week is usually enough but if you have content that is great enough to be able to post daily then go for it!

9. Engage in an authentic way

Be yourself was our school motto and it rings true in every situation I have encountered in life. You might be tempted to take on a different persona online but being true to yourself is being true to your followers. Don’t lie and don’t pretend. Engage with people like you would in real life ( aka hopefully not mean and nasty lol ) Be authentic with what you put up and try and do it in a positive ( read – not moany and depressing ) way.

10. Edit your photos

In my opinion all photos need work. I shoot on raw so once I put it on my desktop the colour gets way less saturated. It’s definitely not what I remember seeing so why not fix it. Other times I edit the colours to be completely different to what I saw because it matches my feed better or just makes it look more pleasing to the eye. If that is your style thats also ok! Even if you just up the brightness to give your photo a cleaner look I do think it’s a very big part of getting those likes and followers.





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