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10 Best Jobs For People Who Love Travelling


One of the questions I get asked most often on social media is “how can I make money while traveling”.

If you are really passionate there are loads of ways that you can travel ( sometimes even for free ) while making money as well.

Flight Attendant

If you love travel there must have been times where you thought about becoming a flight attendant. Its a dream job especially if you get flights that take you around the world. Language and people skills are an obvious must and definitely a passion for traveling and seeing the world while working hard!

Virtual Assistant

There is a new buzzword in the online world. VA’s or virtual assistants have become big over the last couple of years. You choose your amount of hours and how much you want to get paid and assist, bloggers, writers and even brands online. You can do it from your bed anywhere in the world if you please or maybe even the beach 😛 All you need is a good wifi signal and a whole lot of determination.


So this is basically the dream for most people but unless you are an overnight viral sensation pretty unattainable in the short term. Most of us have worked quite a few years for no money and not traveling ( not for free anyway ) to get a few sponsored trips. If you are in it for the long haul or you have the best marketing strategy and idea ever then go for it!


Loads of profesional photographers and videoographers are flown around the world by clients. It could be for destination weddings, hotel brands or even tourism boards. The options are endless. You need some serious skill to make it in this competitive industry though.

Cruise ship staff

I know quite a few people who work on cruise ships and absolutely love the life! Your quarters might be cramped but there is loads of fun to be had. You also get to see some insanely beautiful places and if you love the ocean its an even bigger bonus!

Teach English

Another very popular option is to teach English abroad for a couple of months ( or even years! ) This is a great way to really experience a different country and culture and connect with locals.

Au Pair

If you don’t mind playing nanny and love working with kids this is for you. You might not get the most free time but its usually free board and lodging so what more can you ask for!

Work in a hotel

My sister did a year of working in hotels in Europe after school. She had loads of fun and made some nice money to bring back home. Its definitely hard work especially if you start at housekeeping and not front of house but work your way up and go on as many mini breaks as you can!

Travel Writer

If you have a passion and flair for writing but the social and blogging game isnt really for you pitch to travel websites and magazines. They hire freelancers to send on trips for assignments which means you get to have fun experiences and make money while you travel. Living the dream right?!

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Have you done any of these? Let me know in the comments, I would love to publish your stories!



  • Ravi

    June 28, 2017

    Thanks for sharing this knowledge email. Keep sharing your experience and work.


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