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10 Epic Instagram Photo Spots in Cape Town

Cape Town is always being voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its really not difficult to see why with its impressive mountain that rise up from the mighty Atlantic ocean. Its a city filled with instagram worthy photo spots if thats your kind of thing. I live in Cape Town and even though I know its beautiful I do take my everyday views for granted sometimes. I thought I would share some of my favorite Cape Town instagram spot with you guys. These places never fail to make me smile whenever I visit! There are LOADS more ( like Wally’s cave, Signal Hill, Boulders etc etc ) but I am sharing ones close to my heart today.


One of the most rewarding views after a hectic hike up Kasteelspoort trail. I love this one because it looks out over Camps Bay which has been my home for all my life. Hike on a beautiful day and the ocean will be crisp and blue with not a breeze at the top. Definitely don’t do photos here if you are remotely scared of heights.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain with Lions Head/City view. This is basically just the front “flat” side og Table Mountain. Lions head always makes for a majestic subject and even more so when that Atlantic fog starts rolling in. Its definitely something ultra special to witness!



The top of Table Mountain with the view of the apostles and Camps Bay is just as impressive. Go in Summer for their sunset special and don’t be afraid to stay when the South Easter starts and the clouds start rolling over. It usually hits the Cable Station last so you will be able to see views like this before it gets too windy!


Kloof Corner

Another great view with a super easy hike is Kloof Corner. Take sundowners ( just clean up! ) and enjoy both Camps Bay and City views. There are so many angles you definitely wont struggle to take a perfect shot!


Little Lions Head

Little lions head is probably one of my favorite hikes ever. Its usually pretty empty and the views, especially in Summer are out of this world. Llandudno beach from above is one of my favorite subjects though.

Diagonal Hike

Another close to home spot for me is Diagonal hike. Take the path halfway up to the cave for sunset and see things from a different perspective. Its quite a climb though so be prepared and don’t hike down in the dark if you don’t have a headlamp!

Tidal Pool

The Camps Bay tidal pool is a bit too busy in Summer for my liking but in Winter you get hot days and sunsets like this! If you want a place to get a perfect reflection then it should definitely be kept in mind. I have gotten so many amazing perfect reflections here. Don’t be afraid to BEG people not to set foot in the water and be prepared to meet other photographers!


Cape Point
Cape Point is a bit of a drive but if you want some seriously epic views its a must visit place. There are plenty of hikes and even more to see! Go early and on a week day to avoid the crowds.


Chapmans Peak

Chapmans peak drive is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. The view point at the top has some pretty epic views of Hout Bay and Kommetjie and you will always get a money shot here. Just be careful and dont take any chances. Loose rocks and strong winds can cause bad accidents!


Tranquility cracks

Tranquility cracks is a very special place on top of one of the Apostles overlooking Camps Bay. Its a network of caves and tunnels through rocks with a little milk wood forest growing in between. Its out of sight and difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. The crazy rocks make for super cool photos!


Have you taken photos at any of these spots?


  • Lezaan Cilliers

    June 22, 2017

    Hiiiiiii Camps Bay Girl!!!

    I am in awe of your images, the pink-ish touch you add to them are absolutely beautiful!!
    I am assuming you do this with a preset in Lightroom/Photoshop?


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