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10 Must Follow Mountain Babes On Instagram In 2018

I live tucked in between a gorgeous and dramatic mountain range and the icy sparkling Atlantic ocean. Both the mountain and the beach have always been close to my heart, but there is just something about being up high in the mountains that makes you feel alive. The thrill of the hike, the gorgeous view as the reward and the pride you feel when you reach a summit.

It’s not about climbing the highest peak or being the fastest or strongest. Its more about pushing your own limits and seeing everything that nature has to offer in the extreme. I don’t just love hiking, photographing and being in the mountains, I also love seeing other amazing woman conquer mountains around the world! Here are a few accounts I definitely think you need to check out this year, especially if you want some motivation to get out there yourself.


Hayley Gendron is a tour guide in Canada and an extreme mountain girl. I love how her photos are happy and diverse and will make you want to immediatly back your backpack and hit a trail!


I can almost smell the crisp fresh air when I look at Emily’s photos. Lots of hiking inspo, outdoor activities and colourful landscapes make up her cute account! Her love for nature is definitely contagious!



Tiffany already has a pretty big following and when you check out her account you will see why. Dramatic landscapes fill her feed and will fill your mind with longing and adventure. She definitely supplies a huge dose of wanderlust with every photo she posts and don’t blame me if you get lost looking at her account for hours.



Clare is from Utah so you can definitely expect some awesome hiking photos on her account. Lots of camping, exploring and coffee with a dose of serenity that makes you want to jump into the photo and share the moment.



I am in love with the tones of Angela’s photos and how even the simplest of moments are captured beautifully. If you want a sprinkle of mountain magic in your feed this year definitely give her a follow.



Frauke is from Germany and her photos are moody and absolutely lovely. She makes being in the mountains look effortless and she will transport you to some magical places around the world in her photos.



Bright colours and gorgeous sunsets are what you are in for when you follow Jenn! She is from Alberta Canada so she gets to see some insane views and my all time favorite mountain lake reflections!


Nicole is an adventurer and founder of the @womanwhohike account. Her photos are warm and inviting and there is almost always a backpack involved so you know she is heading somewhere good!


As her name suggest Caroline is addicted to nature and I love seeing all the adventures she goes on. I have been following her for quite a while and her content never disappoints.


She says she is forever a mountain girl and I can see why with the places she visits. Waterfalls, snow and high mountain peaks, you will see it all on her beautifully curated account.


Who is your favorite instagram mountain babe? Share in the comments! 

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