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10 Reasons To Visit SALT OF PALMAR Mauritius

Salt of Palmar is a brand new hotel and the first of hopefully many sustainable hotels around the globe for Salt Resorts. Set on the idyllic island of Mauritius, the Salt concept is really a breath of fresh air in the hotel and resort market.

Here are a few of the reasons you should book your next trip to Salt of Palmar:

Salt of Palmar is a sustainable hotel

I am completely speechless with the amount of effort and detail that has gone into making Salt of Palmar such a sustainable hotel. The first thing you will notice is that its 100% free of single use plastics. This isn’t an easy feat, especially for a resort, but Salt has found a way making even their bathroom amenities from bamboo and limestone paper instead of plastic. Salt of Palmar try and get everything they need from local sources. From the local soundtracks and musicians playing live, to the food, furniture, fabrics and toiletries.

They prioritise fair trade, organic, non-toxic, and they limit energy use, waste and emissions. Compost, animal feed and recycling plants are a guarantee, along with a commitment to no buffets with I absolutely love!


The design is inspired by the island

Mauritian colour and flair set against a backdrop of bright blue ocean really makes your senses come alive. A collaboration between Jean‐François Adam, an award‐winning visionary and french artist, Camille Walala, whose vivid murals adorn buildings across the globe. You can’t help but feel happy and at home as the lines and colours draw you into the hear of the hotel. It never feels too much as it seemingly blends from one area to the next, inviting you to explore more.

The food is local, fresh and amazing

My tastebuds were delighted with the incredible food experience Salt of Palmar has created. I feel like I can’t even begin to explain how interesting and utterly delicious the dishes were. Fresh and local means they only serve what comes from the island, you wont find beef or lamb on their menu. The vegetarian and vegan options were plentiful all with their own island spin. The raw vegan options on the menu turned out to be my favorites and the raw vegan taco’s were such a hit I had it three times during my stay. The menu has an incredible amount of options but they are all made on request fresh in the open kitchen where you are invited to have a look at what the chefs are preparing.


They have a lot of fitness options

Fitness is very high on our list of priorities. Including it in a fun way during a holiday is always great. If you are looking for a tradition workout they do have a gym. The gorgeous long pool is also perfect for laps. If you are interested in some other activities though then they have daily fitness based classes with everything from float fit to yoga, bootcamp and more. There is something for everyone and the health and fitness coaches are there to help you out.

The Palmar area is beautiful

Bright white sand and crystal clear waters, the coast in front of Salt of Palmar is really a tropical dream. Not only is the beach beautiful though but talking a bike ride to the nearby Flacq with it’s large market will give you all the island vibes.

You get to really experience Mauritius

Salt of Palmar has a really unique approach to how you experience the island. The offer daily activities that will take you away from the resort and into the heart of the Mauritian culture. Hiking, having dinner with locals, visiting local businesses and more. Not everything in Mauritius happen on the beach and there is a whole island full for you to explore and immerse yourself in.

Salt equilibrium

Like everything else at Salt of Palmar the spa is very unique. They have the only salt room in the Indian ocean at their spa, Salt Equilibrium. There are plenty of benefits in salt therapy. It improves our health, mood and reduces inflammation, allergies and asthma.

They focus on the details

Every detail of the Salt of Palmar has been carefully planned and executed. The bakery section that only makes a certain amount of mouth watering pastries each morning at 5 so it can be warm and delicious by the time you come down for coffee. The local taro chips ( straight from a member of staff’s farm ) and selection of salts that appears when you sit down for a drink. Even the handmade king size bed and handmade organic cotton bedding. All made to make your stay a memorable one.

It is a resort with a boutique hotel feel

The resort only has 59 rooms which is small for normal resort standards. The thing is Salt does things differently and in all the right ways. You get to know the staff and the other guests. You interact while doing activities , you listen to local stories while having a drink. There is only one restaurant for breakfast lunch and dinner. Flowing from inside to right next to the beach yet it never feels small, but rather inviting. You are always invited to learn and partake or you can just lean back and relax. It’s all up to you.

There are three bars serving local beverages

Salt of Palmar incorporated the entire Mauritius while designing it’s three bar areas. The roof bar is called “In the clouds” and incorporates everything about the mountains of Mauritius into it’s cocktail menu. The beach bar that is a stones throw from the water is aptly named “Into the blue”. The inside bar is simply “The land” featuring local flavours from the sweeping green landscapes.



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