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10 Top Tips For Couples Going On An MSC Musica Cruise

The MSC Musica is spending a season in Southern Africa. We recently went on their cruise from Durban to the beautiful Pomene in Mozambique to enjoy a bit of ship life. As we had never gone on a cruise before we didn’t really know what to expect. I also didn’t think that being on a ship with almost 3000 other people could be in the least romantic. I was definitely proven wrong and with a few tips you can definitely have a great time as a couple on the MSC Musica cruise.

Here are my 10 tips for couples going on an MSC Musica Cruise

Bring a tripod

If you want to get some memorable photos that aren’t selfies I would suggest brining a tripod on board. It can be one for your phone and doesn’t have to be the fanciest as long as you can take photos from a distance. Use the timer on your phone and get some enviable photos while out at sea that will make people wonder if you have a personal photographer! We were so happy that we were able to get a few really special photos while on our MSC Musica Cruise.

Do a spa day

The gym is free on board but the spa is an extra worth spending a few dollars on. Other than getting a delightful couples massage you can also chill in one of the three indoor jacuzzi’s – the outside ones always seemed to be full ; as well as use the steam rooms and saunas. We were able to relax in our own jacuzzi and steam room for the time that we were there It’s definitely the perfect place to get away from the crowds.

Book a balcony cabin

Having a cabin with a balcony as a couple is a must do in my opinion. The extra space is welcome but it gives you your own private viewing deck. Here you can enjoy a glass of bubbly, catch a tan or just relax and read a book without any disturbances.

We absolutely loved sitting outside at night and listening to the ocean sounds around us!

Enjoy sunrise

Sunrise on board an MSC Musica Cruise is an absolute treat. There are hardly any people out other than a few early birds getting some exercise done. Each sunset was pretty special and we loved using that time to stretch before our workout, take some photos and just enjoy the peaceful way the ship was gliding through the water.

Get room service for breakfast

I love a simple breakfast in the mornings. When I saw you could get a continental breakfast with juice and a hot drink delivered in the mornings free of charge I was ecstatic. This meant we could skip the buffet lines and enjoy some croissants, coffee, fruit and yogurt in our room. The best place to enjoy that first cup is definitely on your balcony.

Get a Top 16 card

Having a Top 16 card was one of my favorite things on the ship. At an additional cost you can enjoy the very top deck of the boat otherwise known as the Solarium. This area has deck chairs and a shower as well as a waiter that will come take your drink orders. It was a great place to watch the shows from that happen down at the pool everyday. I also didn’t have to deal with the stress of going to the bar or keeping my spot when I wanted to go for a swim. For someone that isn’t very fond of crowds like I am it was a life saver! It is also one of the best spots for people watching!

Go to the back of the ship for sunset

Seeking out secluded sunset spots is always on the top of our list when we travel. I thought it would be difficult to find a quiet place to shoot while on the MSC Musica Cruise but I was 100% wrong. Our favorite spot that hardly ever had anyone on it at sunset was deck 14 at the back of the ship behind the disco. The views were definitely the best as there was no balcony above your head to block out the sunset. It also had less people as you needed to walk through the disco to get there.

Get priority for the tenders

I am all there for getting priority absolutely everywhere possible. I get anxiety just thinking about waiting in line so getting on the first tender to Pomene ( our day stop ) was an absolute pleasure. It meant we had more time to explore and we weren’t stressed at all.

Enjoy the pool before 11am

I realised that usually the pool only started getting really busy after 11am. Kids are finished with breakfast and the party people are ready for the bar and some pool time by then. We could leisurely enjoy the pool before 11am and not feel too crowded. After the the shows start gearing up on the outside stage and we head up to our Top 16 spot.

Don’t be afraid to act like a kid

One of our best moments on the boat was when we let loose and went to go play in the games arcade one evening. As it was quite late it was empty and we ended up playing air hockey, racing on motorbikes and shooting aliens. The ship also has mini golf and basketball so don’t forget to bring a little bit of silliness into your relationship by doing something you wouldn’t usually when on land!


  • Carrie

    February 17, 2019

    Great post! We’re doing the same trip next month for our 10-year anniversary so I loved all your tips! How much was the Top 16 card? Can you only purchase it onboard? Definitely something I want to do!


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