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6 Ways To Deal With Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety isn’t something everyone has to deal with but if you do its not great at all. I love exploring and seeing new places but getting to these new places sometimes poses a problem. My main stress is not the flying bit but rather the airport bit but I have come up with a few ways to make things a bit less stressful.

Here are a few ways I deal with my travel anxiety, that might help you too!

Check in online

I always check in online and I try and do it as soon as it opens usually 24 hours before my flight. This way I can get a good seat and I wont have to deal with stress if there are long lines at the airport check in. If I don’t have any luggage to check in it makes my life even easier and I just use the boarding pass that gets sent to my phone. You cant do this at all airports and with all airlines though so be aware of that. When we left Seychelles I wasn’t able to do online check in and that made me pretty nervous but luckily the flight was really empty!

Be prepared

Being prepared is obviously something everyone needs to be while traveling but I mean it in kind of a different way. You need to mentally prepare yourself in case of long lines, delays and anything else that might happen. I always tell myself every trip cant be perfect and then when it actually is it feels amazing. If its not I kind of knew it was coming and I can deal with it.

  • Double check boarding gates on the monitors in case it changes, which happens all too often.
  • Start taking out laptops etc while you are waiting in line for security ( I wish everyone would do that for a more streamlined process )
  • Be aware when packing your hand luggage so you don’t start stressing wether you have packed your charger and end up scratching everything out of your bag.
  • Take something to relax your nerves like “really calm” or maybe a glass of champers in the lounge haha 😛

Get there early

I don’t mean like 3 hours early but give yourself ample time to get through check in and security. The feeling of having a long line of people in front of you and only 30min till boarding starts is not nice.

Get direct flights if possible

There is nothing more delightful while traveling than getting a direct flight somewhere. I know it doesn’t often happen and sometimes its more expensive but if you can then do it! It means you will only have the stress of getting on and off one flight and that is positively blissful!

Be first in line

This is a much discussed subject in a lot of the travel groups that I am part of. People love to shame anyone that stands in line before the boarding call but what they don’t get is that some of us really need to do it for our own sanity. My heart starts beating and I get hot all over as soon as boarding time nears. It’s something I cant explain but I need to get on that plane as soon as possible so that I can relax. No waiting behind a hundred other people.

Sometimes its because I want space for my hand luggage other times it’s just pure anxiety that makes me get up 10 minutes before boarding. The problem with that though is that everyone follows ( Mike and I sometimes joke about it saying we are starting a trend ) I really wish everyone would just stay put and let me live out my anxiety fuelled dreams all by myself.

When we get onto a bus to take us to the plane we usually ask which side we will be getting out on just to be super sure. 😛

Fly business when possible

This is out of reach for most of us but if you have anxiety and you have gotten a taste of business class you will never want to go back. Dedicated check in, your own lovely line for boarding and plenty of space for your hand luggage. It’s the dream I tell you. 😛

I might have been light hearted in the way I wrote this but for people traveling with anxiety its not a fun experience. Always remember that and maybe show a little bit more compassion for that girl thats in the line long before boarding starts.



  • ivanasworld

    March 6, 2018

    Great post and great tips and thanks for sharing love the tips 🙂

  • March 20, 2018

    Great post! I do most of these things myself and they really help me keep calm when travelling 🙂


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