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10 Ways To Make Money With Travel Blogging

How do you make money with travel blogging is probably the question people ask me most. It’s is kind of strange but I do get it. People are intrigued that you could make money from something that is pretty awesome. Usually I start by trying to explain to them that nope, I am not on permanent vacation, that there is a lot of sitting in front of the computer working in my pj’s going on. Totally not glam and sometimes horribly long and boring work ( think SEO, keywords, admin etc )

90% of the time though they stare at me and ask the same thing, “Ok, but how do you actually make money?”

Well here are some answers and 10 ways you could make money with travel blogging


#1 Sponsored posts

I have probably done one or two sponsored posts in my whole blogging career. Some people swear by them though and make some serious bank. It would basically be a business asking you to write a review or article about them or their product with a link in return for money. The problem with this is a lot of the sponsored posts are about places you have never been or products you don’t own. This together with some of them wanting do follow links ( big no no ) makes it a bit less appealing to me. There are loads of travel blogger that do some epic sponsored posts though so don’t be put off!

#2 Brand Campaigns

I absolutely love this one! Working on different campaigns with brands I love is always exciting and creative. Usually a brand will approach you to work with them on a product launch or something they want to make the public aware of. They either brief you or you help come up with a creative way to get the message across to your followers. These campaigns could be just for instagram or on all your social media accounts.

#3 Ad revenue

Ad revenue can be a fickle thing and you will usually only start seeing big bucks when cross the 100k views per month mark with your blog. The most popular way to put ads on your blog is through adense but there are also other ad sites like media vine which is only open to blogs with a certain amount of traffic. Some blogs can make $3000 + passive income with their blogs so it’s definitely a good thing to get as much traffic as possible.

#4 Affiliate sales

This one is a bit trickier than just plain ads but can also have some great awards. Affiliate sales can give you a great passive income but you definitely┬á need either a very niche dedicated audience or some really big numbers. You will be promoting brands products or services for a commission so you need to be sure if you are aligned with those as well as you will lose the trust of your audience if the products don’t reflect your brand and beliefs.

Great affiliate sites for travel blogs include ( you can link to hotels you have stayed at and loved ) , airbnb or even car rentals!

#5 Content creation

I absolutely love this one. Styling and taking photos is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It is great working with hotels or other brands to create unique content for them to use on their social media.

#6 Social Takeovers

If you have a large social account then sometimes brands would want you to do a takeover on their account and share some photos or experiences with their audience. This keeps their content fresh and also usually gets them a few more followers.

#7 Consulting

I know a lot of travel bloggers that actually coach brands on social marketing as well as helping them work with other influencers. You might help out with a campaign or help them long term. This is a lot of work and commitment though so its not the easiest for someone to do that travels full time.

#8 Destination marketing

Another one of my favorites is working on a campaign with a destination or tourism board. You will be asked to travel somewhere and share your experiences on a certain place. You will usually work with the destinations on activities that your reader would be interested in. Press trips are another way to do it but these are rarely paying jobs.

#9 Travel planning

I get asked to create itineraries for people almost on a daily basis. I don’t have enough time to do that but it is a lucrative business for some travel bloggers. If you know a lot about an area you can charge people to make them custom itineraries as well as taking care of excursions and bookings for them. Otherwise you could also create and sell travel guides online.

#10 Freelance travel writing

If you are a keen writer then pitching to magazines could get you some extra work. There are also plenty of online platforms that you could write for. A great place to find writing work is on a site called Upwork.


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