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Throw Back Thursday { Venice }


In Honour of throw back Thursday I thought I would take you to Venice and tell you guys about a time before instagram when I travelled the world with Michael and we didn’t even have a decent camera ( shock horror! )

We started travelling the world when I was about 22 which feels like a life time ago now and at that time there wasn’t instagram and even though I loved photography I did not own a good camera. We saw so many places and most of them have been reduced to memories and a few tiny facebook photos like the ones below because of a hard drive crash. Before you ask, yes we lost every single high res photo from all the places we had visited prior to 2011… Sadness cant even begin to describe it but you have to move one right.

While living on Malta, an island in the Med we were able to quite easily travel in Europe especially Italy so we definitely made the most of it. In early February 2010 Michael told me to pack warm for a trip for Valentines day. I had in mind we were just going to the neighbouring island of Gozo for the weekend which was only a 20 min ferry ride away but as we headed for the airport I got super excited. He still didn’t want to tell me where we were going but I thought it must be Rome as that was what the check in said. I later saw that we were flying first to Rome and then getting a connection to Venice. I couldn’t believe I was getting taken to Venice for Valentines day! Michael is super romantic but this was taking it a step further in my opinion.

We spent a blissful few ( very very very cold ) days exploring, getting lost and joining in on the Carnival fun! We bought some masks and wore them everywhere and we ate delicious food at little restaurants. Its definitely somewhere I want to go back to again and this time take our big boy cameras with!

5 Things I loved about Venice:

  1. I couldn’t get over the fact that around every corner there was something new and beautiful and interesting. I had never been so happy to get lost in my life!
  2. Everything looks ( and is! ) so old and it creates a magical atmosphere.
  3. Hidden restaurants and everywhere and I had the best sandwich of my life on a freezing morning on a quiet corner.
  4. It’s called the city of love for a reason, it is so romantic and the perfect place for couples.
  5. There aren’t any cars so you get to walk everywhere ( or catch a boat ) so you really feel transported back in time!

venice 1 venice 2 venice 3

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