Qatar Airways Launches Doha to Durban Route { TRAVEL }


Last week I was lucky enough to experience a day in Durban with Qatar Airways. They have just launched their daily flights to Durban and invited a few of us to join in the celebration. Michael and I met up with fellow SA influencers @mijlof @louwlemmer @theworldsyoungestman and @andycarrie as well as some awesome overseas instagrammers @dametraveler @kyrenian and @jo0sef .

We stayed at the gorgeous Zimbali Fairmont lodge that looks out onto the stunning Indian ocean so we definitely felt very special from the moment we arrived! On Friday we had a day jam packed with activities and fun that we were really looking forward to.

We started off going up the sky car at the Moses Mabhida stadium to check out the glorious views from the top. It was a super hot day in Durban and the little breeze up there was so refreshing. I always love seeing a city from above and it was so cool to see the ocean and the lush green hills in the distance. When we had taken all the photos we possible could as well as abusing out snapchat a bit we set off on a mini city tour to see the inner workings of Durban.

We were booked in for a segway tour before lunch and I have to be honest I was quite nervous! I don’t have the best track record with things that have wheels ( I cant even ride a bicycle ) but I was told they were quite safe. After getting the hang of it ( its much easier than I thought ) the group set off towards the beach front. I was the only girl that decided to go and as luck would have it I managed to fall off, I have no idea how but I just had a scrape so I hopped on and powered though it. It was really fun though despite my tumble and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

We were pretty starving after all that excitement so we sat down for a quick lunch before going to see the traditional rickshaw pullers. They look so festive and colourful and I am still in aw how they can pull the carts with people in heat like that but they all seemed really happy and friendly. We also had a quick stop at the Durban botanical gardens where we found refuge from the heat under the trees. I picked some fallen bright pink frangipani flowers off the ground because I had never seen ones that bright, I definitely wish we had them in Cape Town!

In the afternoon we drove to Ushaka Marine world to have some drinks, take photos at the beach and see the sand art that was created especially for Qatar! We were pretty tired by the end of the day so before heading back to the hotel we had a three course meal and some serious chill time!

Its so great that Qatar has expanded its routes in South Africa and put Durban on the map for more global travelers!

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