• 20 Instagrammable Places In Cape Town

    There are way more than 20 instagrammable places in Cape Town right? For the sake of keeping this post decent though here are a few of my favorites. Its filled to the brim with pretty places and insane views which kind of makes it easy to get the gram wherever you go. I love nature so there are plenty of those type of shots but don’t fear foodies, fashionistas and fully fledged hipsters, there is something in Cape Town for everyone.

    Table Bay

    Views from the water in Table Bay always take my breath away. Jump on a yacht and appreciate the mountain in all its glory while someone is obviously taking numerous photos of you. Its also one of my favorite things to imagine what the first sailors thought when they first laid eyes on this beautiful piece of rock. If you love the sky more than you do water a quick helicopter flip with give you the view from above and its as expected totally insane.

    Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

    Our own pink gem in the city comparable to dare I say The Beverly Hills is the Belmond Mount Nelson hotel. Its pink Wes Anderson like exterior makes for the prettiest photos and you will definitely want to stay longer to have a spot of tea ( or in my case a cocktail ) on their patio.

    The Diving Board

    The ultimate instagram for any adrenaline junkie, I give to you the diving board. This piece of probably is as dodgy as it looks but that doesn’t stop anyone from doing the hour and a half hike up Kasteelspoort to go take photos.

    Bakoven Beach

    Let me just put it out there, this beach is in fact full. The water however now so much because its freezing cold but it does make for a cute tropical looking photo right? On a perfect day in Bakoven beta beach you can see all the poses going on 😛

    Chapmans Peak Drive

    I feel like every single rock on Chapmans Peak Drive has at least had one instagrammer bless it with its presence. Watch out though as most of these areas are dodgy as hell and you don’t want to be too close to the edge when the South Easter comes to say hi.


    Bo-kaap is a neighbourhood that is colourful to the max and a hot spot for film crews and photoshoots. With rainbow houses and vintage cars you can spend all day getting perfect instagrams. Just remember that people actually live there and its not there to make you insta famous.

    The Pipe Track

    Mostly you see runners, dogs and hikers on the pipe track but every now and again you will see a girl in a dress being one with nature. Nine out of ten times that girl will probably be me… The golden light that descends over Camps Bay at sunset, lighting up the mountains and the fynbos always gets me.

    Kloof Corner

    A quick 20 minute ( or slow 40 minute I guess ) hike takes you to Kloof Corner. Home to beautiful views of the city and Camps Bay as well as the occasional instgrammer or 10.

    Lavender Farm Guest House

    About an hour outside Cape Town ( thats still fair game right? ) you will find a working lavender farm with a cute guest house. The fields aren’t blooming all year long but when they do its pretty epic. Its on private property so if you go stay there you also have the luxury of not competing with 10 other people to get that shot 😛

    Diagonal Cave

    Another one of my favorite hikes to get the photo is the Diagonal cave route. Its a bit of an uphill but definitely worth it especially for sunset. It gives you some good height without having to trek all the way up the mountain.

    Cape Point

    Cape point national park is absolutely breathtaking with its sheer cliffs and turbulent turquoise water. Spend a day finding hidden photo spots and you will have content for days! While you are out on that side of the world don’t forget to get that “bucketlist” penguin shot at Simons Town.

    Camps Bay Tidal Pool

    The tidal pool at sunset on a perfectly still night can be a magical place to take photos. That is if someone doesn’t decide that its a great time to do a dive bomb into the water… Also expect a lot of dudes with tripods hanging around.

    Tranquility cracks

    A 2 hour hike will bring you to a little slice of mountain heaven called Tranquility cracks. These funny rock shapes and deep cracks on top of Slangolie  buttress make for epic pics. No “heros” allowed here as you will probably end up being airlifted to safety. Rather find a scary looking angle in a safe spot to get that gram.

    West Coast National Park

    I just spent almost two weeks chilling on a yacht overlooking the beautiful Kraalbaai in the West Coast National park and let me tell you this place is a gem. Sparkling ( warm! ) turquoise water that you can actually chill in with your insta floaty and a very greek vibe makes this place one of my favorites. Not really in Cape Town but 100% worth the hour and a half drive.

    Sunset Rock

    I am not sure of the actual name of this rock but if you can find it you can name it whatever you like. Enter via Fresnay and make your way up through a maze of streets till you find a dead end with a small parking lot. There you will find this glorious view and probably a few hipsters clustered on rocks.


    The gardens at Babylonstoren are just ripe for instagram picking. You can almost get lost walking around here and there is always some undiscovered photo spot just begging to have a camera pointed at it.

    Suther Peak

    Not for the faint hearted, Suther Peak is one heck of a hike with a view to match. I wish I had taken more photos when we were up there because I just don’t know if I can actually physically hike it again. As one of my most liked instagram photos though it was totally worth it!

    The Silo Hotel

    Being one of the most expensive hotels in Cape Town isn’t the only thing that makes The Silo instagram worthy. It also has an epic rooftop pool deck with views of the city and the harbour. Take a glass of champagne and snap away.

    Little Lions Head

    Llandudno beach is a treat no doubt about that, but I prefer seeing the blues from up above. Little Lions head gives you the perfect podium to watch the crowds down below and the hike isn’t even that difficult.

    Clifton Beach

    I am basic beach… or mountain girl by the look of things. Clifton is another always get a good gram spot. Watch the sun reflect off the apartment blocks in one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Cape Town while dipping your toes in the cold Atlantic water. Don’t forget to snap a pic of the moment though 😛




    1. January 20, 2018 / 8:54 am

      All of these places are incredible, as are your shots! Your editing style is freaking beautiful as well. Love it!

    2. January 20, 2018 / 9:04 am

      Beautiful photos! I visited most of these places when I was in South Africa 3 years ago, but your photos make me want to go back asap!

    3. March 17, 2018 / 8:27 am

      Oh my gosh, having major wanderlust over here!! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Every single photo is the perfect Instagram shot!
      And, girl, those presets!! I think I might have to check them out for myself 😉
      Thanks for sharing all these incredible shots!

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