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48 Hours in Gstaad Switzerland

Stay at the Alpenrose Boutique Hotel

We had a lovely two nights at the gorgeous Alpenrose Boutique hotel in Schonried. Its a gorgeous little place very close to Gstaad with incredible views of the mountains. Our room had a fireplace and a balcony that overlooked the snow capped peaks. I must tell you it was heaven staying there.

It was close to the station, a lot of hiking trails and Gstaad which is either a quick train ride or a hike away. Another cool thing about the hotel is that you can book private spa time. They have a room with a sauna, jacuzzi and various other things. You can go chill all by yourself if you make a reservation. We obviously had to do that. The sauna was a perfect way to relax after our sunset hike and before we went for dinner.

Check out a full review on this gorgeous hotel here.

Take a walk to the big fondue pot

On our first day in Switzerland we were quite tired from a day of travelling. Obviously we could not miss out on anything or any photo opportunities. So we decided to take a walk from the hotel to see what we could see. We quickly popped into the ski store and the lovely lady working there showed us some quick hikes we could do for sunset. She told us to do the one to the big Fondue pot as it was quick and beautiful! During the day you can actually get a Fondue backpack from your hotel or one of the bakeries to take up there. You can then sit “inside” the fondue pot with great views and do a picnic!

There are actually so many hikes you can do in the area. If we had more time we would have probably been able to find more epic spots.

Explore Gstaad

The village of Gstaad seems like it is out of a fairytale of sorts. Everything is beautiful and it is perfectly nestled in between mountains. We walked around taking photos and just soaking up the atmosphere. Gstaad is known for its affluent and celebrity visitors and it did almost seem like a set of a movie. Gorgeous little cafe’s lined the pretty streets where people relaxed with some wine. Luxury shops like Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana were the prettiest I have ever seen.

Go up Glacier 3000

Ok so I we didn’t actually go up to Glacier 3000 but if you are in the area you definitely should! The day we were going to do it was absolutely beautiful and sunny without a hint of wind (at the bottom that is). Unfortunately when we got there it was closed due to very severe winds at the top so the cable car had stopped running. You cant do anything about the weather and even though we were sad there is plenty more to do!

We asked the ticket person what they would suggest doing otherwise and he gave us directions for a hike that starts right there. It was about 30min walk up to a lake and a restaurant but as we were walking in snow it took a bit longer. It was so worth it with gorgeous views at the top but the lake was almost completely frozen and we had a good chuckle about that.

Watch the sunset

So alpine sunsets are pretty epic. The sky gets so pink with mist swirling around and plenty of cool jet streams that criss cross the sky. On our last night at the Alpenrose Boutique Hotel we went for a walk down the road to see where it would lead. We eventually found a road going up and onto a big piece of grass where we had the most magnificent view. We sat in awe watching the sky go from orange to pink and then almost a fiery red before turning grey. Heading back to the hotel with slightly frozen hands but really big smiles!

Gstaad is a beautiful area with lots to see and do for everyone ( I am pretty sure in every season as well! ) You definitely need to add it to your trip if you are planning to visit Switzerland.

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  • Geo

    April 12, 2017

    The hotel seems gorgeous and so quaint!

    I love hiking, so this would be a perfect destination for me. Your photos are lovely and it looks as if you had such a lovely time. I love the photo of you throwing the snow – so very well captured – and the post processing of all your photos are great (I love the faint pinkish hue)! May I ask what programs you use for editing?

  • April 12, 2017

    Your photos are breathtaking, they make Gstaad looks like such a romantic destination. I enjoy the most how you’ve captured the pink sky. I love hiking and the fact that there are numerous trails around the area is great! I would love to go there and discover new sceneries each day. And in the evening, indulge with a big pot of cheese fondue 🙂

  • April 12, 2017

    Such beautiful impressions from my new home country!
    I havent made it yet to Gstaad yet, but this place truly looks so nice and typical “swisslike”… and it seems you also had a great time there and enjoyed a lot.
    The big fondue pot looks funny, yes it is a lot about this national dish here 🙂
    Great post with great photos – thank you for sharing!

  • April 12, 2017

    I’ve only made it to Geneva Switzerland and this looks far superior! Love how peaceful the view of the mountains seems. Your photos are gorgeous!

  • April 13, 2017

    The Alpenrose Boutique hotel seems to be ideal for a stay in Gstaad, I will consider it on any future visits. The fact that it’s close to the station makes it accessible to everything really and the spa is perfect for the wife! The cable car up to glacier 3000 sounds a worthwhile trip, weather permitting!!

  • Jean

    April 13, 2017

    I love being in the mountains! Your photos show just how beautiful these mountains are. I’m still giggle at the giant fondue pot. Of course there’s a giant fondue pot!!

  • April 13, 2017

    Oh wow, what a view! I love hiking and being outdoors, so I’ve been thinking about visiting Switzerland for a while now. I haven’t heard about Gstaad until now, though, so thanks for the recommendation! The view from the big fondue pot is stunning!

  • April 13, 2017

    A vacation in Gstaad is all that i can think off to fuel my mountain wanderlust, and a stay at the Alpenrose Boutique Hotel will be the cherry on top. Too bad you couldn’t go all the way to the glacier 3000, but you seem to have enjoyed the alpine sunsets a lot.


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