5 Awesome Hikes in Cape Town To Go On This Summer

There are loads of awesome hikes in Cape Town and although I have done plenty of them but this Summer it will definitely be my aim to tick some more off my list.I do have quite a few favorites though so I thought I would share them with you!


Little Lions Head

I did a post about one of our recent trips up this awesome little mountain a while ago and Michael actually did a complete guide for anyone that is not keen to get lost. The views are insane and what makes it a great hike is that the hike isn’t very difficult or very long and its hardly ever busy. Great for a quick sunset picnic or just some exercise and totally cool for families!

Oude Schip

Another easy hike, perfect for a gorgeous Cape Town day! This hike requires a bit of planning because you will be hiking to the Harvest Capella shipwreck that is actually situated on Oude Schip island. It can only be reached at low tide when the water is low enough to cross to the other side and you also dont want to lose track of time ( like we did once ) and get stuck when the tide comes in. We didn’t get stuck thankfully but the water was really high and it made for quite a scary cross to main land. There are two paths that connect to the main one, you can either drive into Hout Bay and go via the sand dunes or you can park at Sandy bay and walk the path all the way to the main beach and then into a small milkwood forrest that connects to the bottom path.

I would suggest doing the top path if you have kids as Sandy Bay is a nude beach but we usually just walk through without paying much attention to what else is going on there. Also remember to take mace with you and don’t do this hike this early in the morning or for sunset as there are reports of crime in the area at those times. We also once saw two Cape Cobras on the path so be aware of snakes especially on really hot days.

Check out the full guide on how to get there here.

Chapmans Peak

This hike starts just before the day pass point ends on Chapmans peak drive so if you come from the Hout Bay side you dont need to pay the toll. There isnt a lot of parking and its a popular hike so I would suggest getting there early. The hike isn’t technical but it is a bit strenuous so remember to pack water and be prepared for a lot of uphills. Other than that its a gorgeous hike with lots of view points and photo opportunities!  From the top you can see the whole Noordhoek beach and Hout Bay and there are loads of great places to sit and relax. I would say this hike takes about an hour and a half to the top if you go at an easy pace.



Tranquility Cracks

The cracks used to be a bit of a secret and no one except die hard hikers knew of its existence. These days its a bit more well known but still not a busy hike at all and a bit difficult to find. You start this hike on the pipe track in Camps Bay as well and then head up the last ravine called corridor. Once you get to the top there are no signs for it and you will have to take a left and then a few metres on another left taking you to the top of one of the apostles and into massive cracks with an ancient milkwood forrest growing in between them. Its absolutely incredible and like a maze from another world. You will want to explore and chill there for a while and on a hot day it is deliciously cool!

Corridor ravine has a lot of small loose rocks and its not the most fun to go down so I would suggest when you are finished at the cracks to continue to the left again until you get to Woody ravine or Kasteelspoort to go down. We have gone down Woody and its beautiful but a bit dangerous. Slang olie and Blinkwater ravines are two definite no’s as they are closed due to safety reasons.



This is probably my favorite hike just because I don’t even have to get in a car to get to it. We are in walking distance of the pipe track in Camps Bay where this hike starts but its definitely worth driving from where ever you are to do it. You go up one of the ravines on the twelve apostles and although there are plenty of ways to get up Table Mountain from this side Kasteelspoort is the best in my opinion. It takes us about an hour from the start but I would say an hour an a half if you haven’t hiked it or you aren’t that fit to be safe. It has a few technical bits and it can be slippery when there has been rain but the path is well marked and easy to follow right to the top of the mountain. The top is where the magic really happens with the famous diving board rock jutting out of the side of the ravine , giving you some insane views of Camps Bay down below. Just don’t try and stand on it when the South Easter is blowing!

This is also the easiest way to get to the waterworks museum, the cottages on top of the mountain and the two stunning reservoirs. The strangest thing is the house and car up there that belongs to the caretaker of the reservoirs. If you didn’t know there is actually a private road you can drive to the top of the mountain from Constantia neck! Do this hike when you have a long time to explore because you wont want to miss any of it!

So if you are looking for a few cool hikes in Cape Town to do this Summer you need to tick these ones off your list asap!


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