• 5 Must Follow Travel Vloggers 2017

    Travel vloggers have been around for a long time but now more than ever video has become an important part of story telling. Scrolling through instagram, or reading blog posts is nice but sitting back and enjoying a glimpse into someones life, especially when they are travelling fascinates me. I am also a sucker for beautifully edited videos, funny ones or down right helpful ones. Thats why I have compiled a list of the 5 people I am really enjoying watching right now. You might ask where some of the big names are but seeing that most of you probably know them I thoughts I would change it up a bit!


     Robert Strok

    All I can say is wow, I am such a massive fan of his video filming and editing style. His videos so beautifully put together and well thought out and I cant even imagine the time he spends on it! He also puts out regular videos which is awesome. After the first bit of “beautiful” footage he does a normal vlog as well.


    Hey Nadine

    Nadine does a whole lot of cool videos on her youtube channel. She changes it up with vlogs, Q&A’s and all sorts of helpful tips and tricks videos. It’s kind of a girly channel with some makeup and packing tips thrown in but guys can definitely watch her videos as well.


    Andrea Dabene

    I found Andrea’s youtube channel through her instagram and immediately loved it. What she does is totally my vibe with the camping and mountains and I actually wish i could find more girls like this that vlog their adventures.


    Matt Komo

    Another amazing visual storyteller that I only recently found and now I love his stuff! A mix of beautiful videos and vlog style keeps you interested. He doesn’t have loads of videos yet so I am eagerly waiting for new ones!

    Sam Evans

    A lot of you might know Sam’s youtube channel already. I love his super cool adventures and his kick ass editing styles and his videos are really worth a watch if you haven’t checked them out yet.

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