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5 Reasons Why You Should Make Mauritius Your Next Holiday Destination


It wouldn’t seem like anyone would need a lot of convincing to go to a gorgeous island in the middle of the Indian ocean but for those of you that can’t decide where to go I will make your mind up for you!

1. You have plenty to choose from

There are so many resorts in Mauritius to choose from that you will definitely find one that suits your budget and needs. Here are some of my favorites

Four Seasons

2. There is so much to do

Ok so a lot of people want to just relax by the pool or on the beach all day long but thats not all Mauritius has to offer. The diving is great and its the perfect place to get PADI certified! You can also go hiking, zip-lining and even quad biking! Mauritius is full of adventurous and awesome experiences and places to go. You also need to eat all the garlic noodles, you will regret it if you don’t! 😛

3. You don’t need a Visa

Ok so this isn’t entirely true but most countries ( lets say about 90% ) don’t need a Visa to enter Mauritius or you can get a Visa on arrival. To me travelling somewhere where you don’t need a visa takes away a lot of stress! Check out this list to see if you need one.

4. It is easy to get to

You might think its a mission to get to Mauritius but with so many airlines flying direct to this little gem it really isn’t! Even if you have to do a layover or two I promise you its worth it!

5. Its great all year round

Great weather all year round means you can plan your trip anytime. There might be rainy days in monsoon season but it usually passes pretty quickly!



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