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5 Reasons Not To Visit Bali That You Need To Know About

Reasons Not To Visit Bali

If you haven’t been to Bali I am pretty sure it is on your bucket list. Even if you have like us it is probably somewhere you want to go back to. Yes Bali is a bit overrated but it is also so worth visiting. I always think it is up to the person to make their experience good and not the place. Some places however are just not a good fit for some people. You wouldn’t really¬† go to a beach destination if you hated water and sand right?

A lot of people have in their mind that certain destinations are not for them and you know what? Maybe they are right! Even the most beautiful or interesting places get a thumbs down sometimes.

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If you are looking for reasons not to visit Bali then these would definitely be at the top of my list!

You don’t enough time to explore

If you are thinking of booking a trip to Bali for 5 days or less you might as well skip it al together. Unless it is a stop to going somewhere else you really wont get a feel for what the island is all about in such a short amount of time.

I explored Bali for three weeks and hardly touched the surface in terms of amazing things to do. In Bali almost everything takes a bit of time. Yes you could go straight to Canggu or Ubud and chill at your villa doing a few small trips. But you will more than likely end up being tired and irritable and not really enjoying it like you should.

You have pre conceived ideas

If you tend to have ideas of how a place will be before you go you are most likely not going to have a good time. Yes Bali is dirty in some areas, yes traffic can get insane, yes some places are tourist traps. You know what though? You can still have an amazing time!

Go there with a bad mindset all these things will annoy you so much that you probably wont get past it. If you hate the traffic go to more chilled areas like Jimberan or far north. If you are not a instagrammer you don’t have to go to the Bali swings or sit in a nest for a photo. Not a fan of rubbish, why not organise a clean up instead of moaning about it. Scared of getting Bali belly? Why not do your research on where to eat, go vegetarian and only drink water from sources you trust.

You don’t love the outdoors

Not into hiking, waterfalls, the beach, or nature? You might not have the best time in Bali. If you are 100% into city life rethink going to Bali. Almost everything good happens outside in Bali. Whether it includes chilling at a beach bar, visiting rice paddies, checking out temples or swimming at waterfalls. Even a lot of the restaurants are outdoors.

There will be rain and sun and humidity and monkeys and mozzies and all the things that come with Bali and the outdoors. If thats not your vibe then rather head somewhere else.

You are afraid of getting scammed

I see so many questions about getting scammed in Bali. Yes it is a real thing but it can also totally be avoided. I was slightly aware of it when we went even though I had seen people say avoid Bali at all costs because you will get scammed. Maybe it is my positive outlook on life or just having my wits about me but it never happened to me.

The biggest scams are the ATM ones or when you exchange money. What did I do to avoid falling into a trap like that? I didn’t exchange money, I only drew from ATM’s attached to banks and I had an empty account that I would transfer money to online and then draw out the entire amount at the ATM. That means that even if someone did scam me they wouldn’t even get a single cent. I literally don’t know how other people can’t just think a bit further.

You don’t like following rules

Most countries have their own rules and if you are not interested in following them you should stay at home. If you can’t imagine what rules could possibly be in Bali for you to follow here are just a few.

  • Wear respectful clothes at temples. No a bikini with a sarong or denim shorts and a crop top is not it, no matter how hot it gets.
  • Have a international motorbike license when driving a scooter. The cops might be corrupt but who are you to say anything if you don’t have the right paperwork. Be safe for yourself and other people you need to share the road with.
  • Don’t take drugs because you will go to jail.
  • Don’t swim when y\you are told not to. So many people die by not following the rules at the beach!

These are just a few but they are so easy to follow. If you think being a rebel is more fun then that is definitely one of the reasons not to visit Bali




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