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5 Reasons I would #RatherBeInMauritius

I know I would definitely #ratherbeinmauritius instead of braving the cold Cape Town winter and wearing layers while drinking my weight in coffee in an attempt to not freeze.

I have only been to Mauritius twice but as soon as I get back to reality I wish I was there again. Strolling along the picturesque beaches or snorkeling with exotic fish is enough to make anyone forget their troubles.

Here are 5 reasons why I love Mauritius and you should too.

The Weather

All year long lovely weather? YES PLEASE! The reason that a lot of people love visiting this gorgeous little island in the Indian Ocean is because of it great weather all year long. On our most recent trip we asked our tour guide how cold it got in Winter. With a total straight face he said sometimes it can go as low as 17 Degrees Celsius at night on the highest mountain peaks… If you are looking for a good place to escape to this Winter Mauritius is definitely it.


I love beaches so don’t get me wrong on this but… There is way more to do in Mauritius than chill by the beach. If thats your thing, and your only thing then totally cool, you will love it. If you want a bit more than Mauritius has it in bucket loads. You can go hike mountains like Le Morne with insanely epic views. You can swim with wild dolphins at Black River Bay. You can visit incredible sights like the seven coloured earths and waterfall in Chamarel. You can do all the rum tastings, which might take you a while btw. You can even visit alligator parks or go quad biking. There is definitely something for everyone.

Easy to travel to

Ok so this is for us South Africans specifically. If you need a holiday that feels far away but you don’t need a visa for and you don’t want to fly for ages Mauritius is for you. It makes it great for quick escapes as well as family vacations. I love that its so close and people from Johannesburg and Durban probably love it even more. I can basically book a trip on a whim and not have to stress about anything other than how many bikini’s I want to pack. This is especially great in Winter when so many awesome deals start popping up.

Gorgeous beaches

Jip, I went there. Forget my earlier beach comments if you go to Mauritius for one thing let it be the beaches. Stretches of white and yellow coloured bliss with mostly gently lapping aqua waves. I just wanted to wriggle my toes in so deep that I would basically be stuck and never have to leave. No jokes I once just rolled from the beach into the water and continued to bob around like a cork that got drunk of salt water and sea breezes. Yes you might want to snorkel and kayak and do all of those things but please just do me one favour. If you go to Mauritius spend at least one day ( wearing loads of sun cream ) relaxing on the beach with a coconut filled with rum or water, whichever you please.

Everything ocean

I love the ocean, I especially love a waveless ocean 😛 That is something that Mauritius definitely has with a coral reef surround most of the island. The Black river bay area next to Le Morne mountain must be my favorite. Its great for a whole range of water sports as well as some pretty epic snorkeling and as I mentioned before, you can swim with wild dolphins there. Bucket list things I tell you! You can also take catamaran or speedboat cruises to little nearby islands or even just waterski in front of your hotel. The options are endless and they are all definitely so much fun.


Have I convinced you to go yet? Thought so 😛

Do you want to win a trip to Mauritius?

Now that I have really made you want to go to Mauritius why don’t you enter the awesome competition Mauritius tourism is hosting.

  1. Show them how you are surviving Winter by tagging them in your Winter survival photos and using the hashtag #ratherbeinmaurtius and tagging and following them them @MauritiusZa . It can be funny, sad or just plain cold!

You could be winning a 5 night stay at Lux Belle Mare Resort worth R80,0000!

The competition closes on July the 24th

Check out more info and T&C’s HERE.





  • Janet W Perry

    July 11, 2017

    This would be AHmazing!!!!!!! Am entering and hoping!! Thanks for the beautiful pics 🙂

  • Louise

    July 21, 2017

    Def entering.

  • Christo van Aarde

    July 24, 2017

    Please keep me updated on your specials !!!


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