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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Cellars-Hohenort

I have heard so many great things about The Cellars-Hohenhort but I had never been there so recently when I got a chance to stay over with Michael I was so excited! The Cellars-Hohenhort is located in the gorgeous Constantia valley and it is really an area that we should visit more.

If you need a reason to go visit I am going to give you five!

1.The Rooms:

They boast 52 gorgeous rooms that range from double rooms to suites and villas so there is something to for everyones taste and budget! We stayed in a lovely suite with a front patio and the prettiest garden with ducks right in front of us! I loved how big the bathroom was with massive mirrors and two sinks ( always a must for Michael and I! ) and a very comfy looking bath.

There is plenty of space to relax and obviously a fully stocked mini bar and everything you need for hot drinks! I love the homey comfortable feel of the room and its definitely somewhere I could easily spend a week!

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The Gardens:

I wont lie, its ridiculously pretty at The Cellars-Hohenort! Green and gorgeous with flowers ducks and all things magical! It’s definitely a dream for taking photos. We had the best time just taking a stroll and exploring the grounds, finding new pretty places around every corner.

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The Food:

Do you love food like I love food? I am sure you do, and that is another reason why you should put The Cellars-Hohenort on your list of places to visit. You dont need to stay over to have the delicious experience of eating there either. Their restaurants are open to the public and it gets particulary busy on the weekend so be sure to book in advance!

We had the pleasure of trying out a lunch, dinner and breakfast and I report back that it was all really really good. We enjoyed lunch outside in the perfect Autumn setting and Michael couldn’t stop talking about his burger. I opted for some yummy scones ( because I wasn’t that hungry ) but then I obviously pestered him for bites of his food and I even scored a whole onion ring although he protested!

Later we were spoiled with a 3 course meal of which the star was the baked camembert cheese with figs. Decadent but utterly worth it and so nice on a cold evening enjoyed with some good wine and company!

Breakfast was also a lavish affair and I had to test out their eggs benedict and basically everything else while looking out over the super green gardens. What a great way to start off a morning!

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4.The Location:

Constantia is not only beautiful with good food and wine wherever you look, its also really close to the city and if you choose to drive via Camps Bay and Hout Bay its a really stunning and relaxing one. Living in Camps Bay we opted to drive the coastal way with the wind blowing in our hair and found the hotel with ease. Its hidden enough to feel like you are far away from the city but if you need to be in town for meetings or just to do some sight seeing then its a 20 min at most. We did hear quite a funny story around the dinner table while we visited about a guest that feared they would be late for an appointment and had to be at the Waterfront in 10 minutes. The driver said no worries and they both hopped on the a vespa and off they went! If that isn’t great service I don’t know what is!


5. All The Little Things:

I love it when a lot of attention goes into the details of a place that I am visiting. Whether it be friendly smiles from all the staff members or extras like a spa and hair salon on the grounds, it makes you feel at home and spoiled and thats exactly what you want when staying somewhere.

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For more details visit their website – The Cellars-Hohenort

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