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5 Reasons You Should Go On More Road Trips

I remember as I kid we went on 8 hour road trips to go see the rest of my family every Summer. With the five ( mom, dad, me and my two older sisters ) of us it was pretty cramped and being before the time of cellphones and ipads there wasn’t that much to do either but for some reason I still have fond memories of thee trips.


1. To see more of your country:

We usually take the places we live for granted and we are always lusting over foreign countries to fulfil our traveling needs. The thing is that there are usually absolutely breathtaking places just a few hours drive away from where you live. I have experienced a whole lot more of South Africa recently and there are still so many places I haven’t explored. This year I am definitely going to be visiting some gems right on my doorstep.

Last year we went on an epic road trip and I was blown away by what our country has to offer. A trip that should have taken us 6 hours took us 23 hours and we hardly even noticed.

2. Experience a foreign country:

This sounds exactly like what I said above and it kind of is but its something so many people just don’t do. Its so easy to just stay at your hotel or resort or just see sights close by ( or heaven forbid take a red bus… ) but then you will probably be missing out on the experience or culture of the place you are visiting. Road trips don’t have to be long affairs either. Last year Michael and I  hired a car from our resort in Mauritius and saw a whole new side to the island.

3. It Brings Adventure:

I don’t know about you but going on a road trip always excited me and makes me feel happy on the inside. There is something about an open stretch of road leading to sometimes unfamiliar places that puts a sparkle back in your eye. You need to be in the right frame of mind though, leaving all your worries behind and taking everything in your stride.

I remember so many times that we drove from Malta to Gozo via the channel line for the day. There was a time the water was so rough we were sliding around in the ferry and then when we got to the other side it was so flooded we could hardly drive and another time we drove through the narrowest roads ever and got completely lost. We couldn’t stop laughing because it was so absurd but also so much fun.

4. Change your perspective:

As time passes people usually become jaded and I think a road trip can help change the way you see things again. Head out early and watch the sun rise while the road is quiet and make friends with people you meet along the way. Sleep in different places than you are used to and make every destination a new start. If you have the time to go on a road trip for a month do it, don’t even think about it just do it.

5. It Makes You Appreciate Life:

Road trips are mostly not about convenience and luxury. Its about eating sandwiches on the side of the road and taking photos whenever you can. Its about appreciating the small things you don’t get to see everyday. The places we usually fly over without a second thought because we are in a hurry to get to our destination. Why not make all the places in between your destination? Its humbling to drive so far and think about how small we really are.

We once did a road trip from San Jose in Costa Rica to the tiny surfing village of Jaco before they built a massive road connecting the two. It took us about 5 hours of driving through the  jungle in our old beat up Isuzu Trooper with the road crumbling away in certain areas. We sang songs, saw incredible sights and still talk fondly of our adventure. You share moments with people that last a life time and its always worth it.

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