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3 Things That Makes SALT Of Palmar Resort Mauritius Unique

SALT of Palmar is a place not only to relax and unwind with the balmy air on your skin and Mauritian hospitality everywhere you go. It is also a place to learn about the cultures of Mauritian people, help the environment and see the island in a whole new light.

If you are looking for a unique island holiday then look no further than the colourful and eclectic SALT of Palmar.

Here are four things that makes this resort stand out from the rest!

You get to participate in community life on a deeper level

These days people want more from their travels. They want to know the cultures, the people, the everyday life. Connecting with your fellow humans has never been more important than right now. Salt helps with that connection by giving it’s guests the chance to meet up with the locals and see through their eyes.

There is much more to Mauritius than beautiful beaches, palm trees and cocktails. It has a vibrant community with local businesses, artists and so much more. Why not take a break from resort and get welcomed like family into a locals home for dinner. Visit cultural sights with an insiders guidance or climb one of the magnificent mountains with someone that has done it so many times before.

Travelling is really changing and SALT is helping with the change in a big way!

The environment is important

The really unique thing about SALT of Palmar is that they do really put the environment first. So much thought has been put into every single element of the hotel to make it as sustainable and environmentally safe as possible. This is no mean feat when it comes to opening up a world  class resort.

From saying no to single use plastic and even making the amenities in the room eco friendly all the small touches at SALT shows the respect and love they have for the world we live in.

Here are some of my favorite touches!

  • All natural shower products
  • Keyless card system and paperless check in.
  • Energy saving lights and aircon systems
  • Refillable water bottle on arrival with water stations
  • Fresh homemade local food
  • No buffets

and so much more!

They really make you feel at home

Something I found so unique and really refreshing is that as soon as you step in the doors at SALT of Palmar you feel like you are part of the family. You go behind the counter and see how your coffee gets made or a barman comes to chat to you about what his family farms on the island and how they use it at SALT. Nothing feels forced and you are really sad when your time there comes to an end!

Also because it is such a small resort you really  feel connected to these people. You learn their names and you make jokes with them over breakfast, they are always there to help out or give guidance if you are stuck on what lovely food to eat that night.

Staff can really make or break a hotel and you can see that the staff at SALT are passionate about what they do which makes such a huge difference!

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