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Mauritius { 5 Things To Do }

Mauritius is a postcard pretty island off the coast of Africa in the Indian ocean and if you haven’t visited it you really should. Its the quintessential holiday island that will make you want to stay much longer and let you leave with stars in your eyes and a healthy tan.


Absolutely nothing

Doing nothing is what island holidays were made for right? If you are in the mood to laze in the sun with a waiter bringing you cocktails while staring out into the endless blue ocean then why not do it in Mauritius. I am an adventure junkie but when we were in Mauritius there were a couple of days that we couldn’t get ourselves to do anything other than chill hard. It must be the island vibe that puts you in the zone but let me tell you I had not guilt in lounging around soaking up some vitamin D.



Rent a car in Mauritius

We rented a cute drop top mini cooper while we were on the island and it was so much fun exploring by ourselves. Yes we did get lost a few times but that just added to the adventure and we had some good laughs about it later. It’s very easy to just see the inside of your resort while staying in Mauritius, but seeing the rest of the island and the culture is quite a treat!


Go on a boat

We booked ourselves on a shared Catamaran cruise to the tiny Île aux Cerfs and although the weather didn’t particularly play along with us that day ( it started pouring down just as we got to the island ) we still had loads of fun. Our transfer picked us up at our hotel and we made our way to the Catamaran where we boarded with a few other people. We were served endless rum and ananas aka rum and pineapple juice and had a delicious BBQ on board. We spent some time swimming in the rain on the island and then headed back in time for sunset at our resort. We we definitely a bit red and very tired but it was a great day and a really fun activity to do in Mauritius. If you don’t feel like sharing the experience with other people you can even do the romantic trip on a smaller boat for just you and your partner!



Try some local food

Something that annoys me so much is when people go on vacation and eat burgers and chips or any other familiar food. I love experiencing places like the locals and I always try and sample some of their cuisine. My favorite food in Mauritius was definitely the noodles with garlic sauce. It is so incredibly good and I even asked for the recipe so I could make it at home and I actually do quite often!



Do lots of fun activities

Most resorts have the usual water sports like paddle boarding and water skiing but some have horse riding, yoga classes, rum tastings and more. There are plenty of things to keep busy with on this island and they even have great hiking, quad biking and rock climbing if you are feeling brave! I am sad we missed out on scuba diving but there is always next time right?!




  • September 20, 2016

    Mauritius is one of my ALL time favourite places to go. But you so right, its so much easier just seeing the inside of a resort, and its not exactly a good thing. We normally stay at Le Mauricia or Le Cannonier. The only problem is that the food and drinks are free most of the time so I don’t want to leave an explore:(.

    I think I might try book a hotel with just breakfast next time and I will be more tempted to leave the resort and rent a car or go on a boat like you guys did. Sounds AMAZING.

      • September 23, 2016

        And thats why they are one of our favourite hotels. They really look after the guests realy well. Great to hear you had a good time

  • My Travel Adventures

    September 29, 2016

    I am going there in December! Cant wait!!!


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