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5 Things You Can’t Miss In Nusa Penida

Things you can’t miss in Nusa Penida

If you didn’t know, Nusa Penida is a small island that makes up a trio of Nusa islands off the coast of Bali. Nusa Penida is actually the largest of the three and the furtherest away from Bali. It is also the craziest in terms of views and adventure! I see the people asking frequently online if they should visit the island and what can’t they miss. I am here to see 100% go, and for a few nights as well if you are seeking epic views and a bit of a way back island life. Nusa Penida is more rural than Bali and the roads can be pretty shocking at some points. This is all part of the adventure though and really makes this little gem a must do on my list.

If you want to know what not to miss especially if you are only going for a day or two here are my suggestions! 

Hiking down to Kelingking Beach

Everyone needs to make time to at least go to Kelingking view point. I have seen some pretty impressive views in my life but let me tell you the T-rex is really something special. THe green and blue are such a contrast with the most perfect beach down below.

In the spirit of all things adventurous you should most definitely take the time to hike down. Even if you just go to the mid point like we did. All the way down is even better although the path gets worse and worse! Wear good hiking shoes, go early and take water and get ready for a huge thrill.

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Going on the swing at Diamond Beach

You absolutely have to go to the incredibly photogenic Diamond beach when you visit Nusa Penida. This is pretty high on my list of things you can’t miss when you go to Nusa Penida for a few great reasons. The stairs going down isn’t one of them but if you conquer then you will receive! At the bottom of the relatively new and pretty dodgy staircase lies a glorious beach with a special secret. A swing where you can fly high in between the palm trees and over the bright blue water.

It was so much fun to do and even though you have to pay it is still well worth it for the crazy cool experience!

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Diamond bay

Visiting the Thousand Islands view point

The name sounds really exotic and the view is as well. The thousand island view point is basically on the other side of Diamond beach. You need to drive to a separate parking lot with a different entrance to get there though. It has a view vantage points that just give you an incredible view of the diamond shaped rocks jutting from the ocean. It is simply stunning but thats not all the area has to offer. You can also go to the insta famous airbnb treehouses. These wooden huts on stilts really look like something from a movie.  If you can its a great place to take a photo or even stay over for the night.

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Driving down the palm tree road in Crystal bay at sunset

One of my absolute favorite moments from Nusa Penida was driving down the palm tree road in Crystal bay. It was the prettiest just as the sun was setting and we would make our way to dinner. The light filters through the palm trees and you can hear jungle sounds all around you. It is one of those things that make you feel oh so alive! I don’t know about you but a road lined with tall palm trees that leads to an epic beach is my idea of complete heaven!

I would actually suggest staying in Crystal bay like we did as it was a great area to explore from. It also had loads of warungs at the beach for dinner and was a pretty chilled out area.

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Walking around Broken beach

When you stop to go to Angels Billabong and Broken beach you have a little bit of a walk ahead of you. Broken beach is at the end of this walk and forms a loop around the “eye” as I like to call it. Broken beach is essential a round pebbled beach area with only one arch or opening where the water gushes in. It is so scary to walk near to the edge but so exhilarating to see the waves get sucked out and pushed in. The colours and the sounds are just incredible! Do yourself a favor and walk all the way around to see it from all the angles. Not only is it pretty cool to walk across the arch, it also seems to look different from each view.

A map of things you can’t miss in Nusa Penida


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