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5 Tips To Get More Instagram Story Engagement

Instagram story engagement

Instagram stories are more important than ever especially with the algorithm being what it is. It is a place to relate, to share and to actively engage with your audience. Use it to your advantage and not only will you get more story views but potentially more followers on your account.

Here are a few things I have done to create more engagement on my own instagram account!

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Mix video and photo content

Keeping your stories on instagram interesting it is key to use a mix of video and photo content. A lot of people would rather read text on a photo instead of watching ten videos of you talking in a row so be ultra aware of that. If you do talk to the camera then always remember to add some text on what you are talking about. More than 50% of people watch instagram stories without sound.

Using a mix of photo and video also keeps your stories fresh and interesting.

Use stickers

Stickers are a great tool to use especially when trying to get your audience to engage with you more often. Using stickers like questions or polls will encourage people to engage with your story which means the instagram algorithm will show your story to more people.

Use them in a fun and useful way like asking your audience for recommendations or playing a a game to see if they can get the right answer to something!


Hashtags and location tags are important

If you get picked up on one of your story hashtags that could mean loads of new views, possible followers and engagement for your account. Use hashtags that are relevant to your story though!

For example if I am staying in a hotel in Cape Town I will first add the location tag sticker. This could be share on the locations stories as well as the cape town stories and even south africa stories!

Then I add relevant hashtags like #lovecapetown #beautifuldestinations etc. You can use up to ten but I usually only use two or three. I also make these quite small so they don’t distract from my story.

Be helpful

Sharing helpful stories stories is great for your audience and for you! Everyone loves learning something new and usually it creates a conversation.

Let’s say I share I new hiking route on my stories. I am helping people by sharing information on my stories. Some of these people might have even more questions about what I am sharing which makes it a great way to engage.

People will also be more likely to follow you if you have something helpful to share that they might be interested in and they will also continue watching your stories and not exit out.

Post consistently

Posting consistently throughout the day is also great to keep your stories in view of your audience. Don’t over post but do try and spread stories out over the entire day a few at a time. Keep it fresh and interesting!


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