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5 Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

Boost your blog traffic with pinterest

There are plenty of ways to gain more traffic for your blog. A lot of them are necessary like SEO but other ones might not give you great results that last. Since starting to focus on my pinterest boards a bit more and giving them some extra love I have seen a big boost in traffic.

Check out these five tips for beginners to boost your blog traffic with pinterest.

#1 Apply for rich pins

If you apply for a business account on pinterest then you will be able enable rich pins on your pinterest. By having rich pins you can add keyword filled descriptions to you pins. It also shows your logo and website name next to your pins.

#2 Create pin-able images

I wish I had started to create special images for my pins a long time ago! It has boosted my traffic from pinterest quite a bit over the last year or so. I create my images on Canva ( Easil is also great ) as its free and easy. They have a bunch of templates with the right sizing so you just cant go wrong. Vertical images are the way to go to get seen on pinterest as they take up more space on your feed.

Its also great to create more than one pin per blog post. This not only gives the reader options of which one they would like to pin but also keeps your feed from looking monotonous and spammy!

#3 Join group boards

I have joined quite a few group boards in my travel niche. Most of them you can pin at least once a day but remember to not spam the groups by posting the same pin every day! The easiest way to find group boards that fits your blog is to see which ones other people in your niche are part of. It can take long to be part of really good boards but it is so worth it!

You can find some group boards to apply to here

#4 Add a pin it button

Creating a pin button for your blog is a fast way to get a lot more traffic. You can either have it in the form of a social share button in the beginning or end of a blog post. Or your can get a plugin that embeds the button on the image itself. I have both on my blog and personally I love using the on image button as it cuts out a few steps.

#5 Pin frequently

This is something I still struggle with but once you get into the groove and see that traffic coming in it definitely starts feeling better! You need to pin frequently and not just your own pins either. Repin interesting pins in your niche and ones your followers will like as pinterest will reward you for that. You can also schedule pins with Tailwind or Boardbooster but these you need to pay to use.



  • March 2, 2018

    Great post! I’m so bad at keeping up with my Pinterest lol I use it more now for inspiration, bullet journaling and home DIYs 🙂

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  • Abril

    March 2, 2018

    Thank you for the tips . I love Pinterest because it usually drives traffic to my old post . I’ve found that posts with tips are usually the mkstrepinned too
    The color palette

  • ivanasworld

    March 6, 2018

    Great tips I love your blog 🙂

  • April 6, 2018

    Ah, these are great tips. I must admit I have neglected my Pinterest account, but I use Pinterest for MY travel inspo so I know tons of others do as well. I am going to make it a priority! Thanks!


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