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5 Ways To Make Your Travel Instagram Successful { HOW TO }

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These days instagram is a big deal especially if you have a blog or a brand you want the world to know about but a lot of the time we just dont know how to make our instagram accounts successful right? Let me tell you a little secret, its not just one thing and its 98% hard work and 2% luck. A lot of you think wow that person has 200k followers, they are so lucky but most of the time luck had little to do with it. This people were more than likely first to join the network and really put all their effort into it from the start.

I don’t have close to 200k but I feel that my account has gone from average to what I consider good ( in terms of engagement following and quality ) in th last couple of months and this would be a great time for me to share my methods with you.

successful travel instagram account

1. Rethink your account:

I can already see some of you thinking what on earth am I talking about in terms of rethinking an instagram account. You need to look at your instagram as a reflection and extension of your business or brand and because of that it needs to be curated and most importantly taken very seriously. I used to just post whatever I saw without giving it much thought and that was my first wrong move. Some people can get away with that but they either have a large existing fan base or they are celebrities or something. Seeing that I don’t fit into either of those categories I have to do some serious thinking about where I want to take my account and how I would do it. I realised that I needed to put up higher quality content even if that meant less photos. I also had to keep a theme going throughout my feed. That does not mean every photo needs to look the same put you need to have some kind of glue keeping things together. I focus mostly on landscapes so there is no way I will be posting a photo of my cat in between, rather keep that for facebook… Whether you want to post more architecture travel shots, island ones, food culture or anything else you can be successful as long as you stay consistent.

2. Quality images:

Quality isHUGE ok, like really really huge. If you post grainy, blurry images people just wont want to follow you. You definitely need to give your followers eye candy for them to engage and stick around. This is even more important in the travel industry because people rely on you to convey stories with your images. Your goal is obviously to make someone want to go somewhere or do something but how can you do that if your photos are not great. Trey and get different angles and think outside the box to make your photos stand out from the rest and if you are not very familiar with editing methods remember less is more. I have seen gorgeous photos go to waste with crapy filter and even worse over saturated colours. If you are serious about travel photography invest in a decent DSLR camera, your iphone might be ok but nothing compares to what you can achieve with a decent camera.

3. Tag it:

I know you think tagging is embarrassing but how are people supposed to find and share your photo if you don’t tag it? I would suggest looking for a few large instagram feature accounts that feature travel photography similar to yours and tag them in your photos. You don’t have to tag all of them every single time and sometimes its more successful if you tag only one that fits really really well. This ups your credibility and you might just get a feature from it which is always a bonus. Also remember to tag the relevant tourism accounts of the country you are in as most of the time they will feature you if your photo is up to standard.

4. Engage:

This step is very time consuming but ultimately so worth it. If you already have these amazing photos but you still aren’t getting the engagement you want then you need to get active. Most people don’t even know you exist unless you get featured by bigger accounts on a daily basis so you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Follow a few of your favorite travel accounts and start commenting and interacting. I am saying favorite because I am not by any means telling anyone to start spamming every single living breathing instagrammer out there. Rather create some solid online friendships with accounts that you really enjoy. Your comments might get noticed by their followers which might in turn want to follow you but you will also be active in the community which instagram really likes and that might put you on the suggested users list! Another way to engage is to maybe once a week post a photo from one of your favorite accounts ( ask them first if its ok! ) telling your followers why you love this account.

5. Community first:

Instagram loves the community and the community loves instagram so wherever you go in the world you will find groups of photographers going on instawalks. When you visit a new country introduce yourself to the iger manager of the city you are going and see if they can organise a instawalk with for you. You will most likely meet some amazing people, gain new followers and see areas that you would have never seen otherwise.

Have these tips helped you in any way? Let me know in the comments and remember to leave your instagram username as well!

You can follow my instagram account – campsbaygirl if you want as well!

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  • November 22, 2015

    Thanks you for this post I will definitely put these steps into account for my profile. You profile is truly amazing? My Instagram username is sarita.kerber

  • alledah

    December 21, 2015

    chanced upon your website via my twitter account and it eventually leads me to your ig account. I see lots of beautiful shots on your ig and really pretty.
    thank you for your tips and advises! I’ll do my best to make my own ig photos reflect on the kind of profile i’d like to build up on my ig!

    here’s my ig username alledah

  • June 29, 2016

    Great post and beautiful site 🙂


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