5 Ways To Fix Your Instagram Account

Fix your instagram account

There are times where you really need to just check up on yourself and make sure you are still on track. It is so easy to get into a rut on instagram and then blame the algorithm because you aren’t getting the engagement you used to.

The thing with instagram is like everything else in life it is constantly changing and evolving and you need to remember to keep up with it. Photos that did well 4 years ago might not cut it anymore and you always need to try and better yourself and put hard work and effort in!

Here are five things you might be doing wrong and not even realising:

Not posting quality content

Quality content will always be king. Really look at your feed and ask yourself if your images are the best that they can be. Are you posting every photo you take without a second thought, does your editing need some work or is it time for an upgrade on your camera.

I spend hours taking photos, going through them, picking the best ones and editing them and sometimes they don’t even make it onto my feed. Be proud if whatever you create and showcase it in the best possible way.

Here are some easy ways to create better quality content:

  1. Be unique, frame your photos in interesting ways
  2. Get a different angle of a popular place so people’s perceptions change
  3. Tell a powerful story through your photos that will keep people wanting more
  4. Don’t overdo it on the editing
  5. Be passionate about what you are creating
  6. Use the best gear you can

Ignoring your followers

As time goes by you might stop putting in as much effort as you used to on instagram. You don’t often comment on other photos and you hardly interact with people that ask you questions on yours. Putting out good vibes will always attract them as well. Get involved in your community again and share your passion and other people’s. Why follow anyone at all if you are not willing to give them love on their photos? If everyone had that mindset then there would be no more instagram right?

Forgetting about stories

Stories are a great way to connect to your followers on another level. People are curious by nature and they probably want to know a bit more about you. Stories give you the perfect platform to show people what you are all about. Whether you post behind the scenes, tips and tricks or just little random life bits its always a good idea to use stories to your full advantage.

Using the wrong hashtags

I still see people using the same hashtags they have used for years on every single photo. Copy and pasting a list of exactly the same hashtags onto every photo you post is not doing your feed any favors. Do the little bit of extra work and tag relevant hashtags on your photos. Also leave the #f4f and similar ones if you want to be taken seriously.

Being inconsistent

Posting 5 photos on one day and then nothing for 2 weeks isn’t a great way to run your account. I know we all get busy but try and post at least one photo everyday or every second day. Consistency really goes a long way in building a great feed and growing your account. It gives your followers something new to look forward to and shows you are putting effort into what you create and put out there. It might seem like a lot of work but it definitely pays off!


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  1. September 17, 2018 / 10:14 am

    I struggle so much with being consistent when it comes to Instagram, especially when you put so much effort into it but don’t always see the ROI. Another thing that is not that easy, is finding the best way of editing the pictures and finding your style…I still need to do that, I guess. But the tips in your article really helped!

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