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6 Awesome Things To Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is full of sights, sounds and great things to do and experience. The city is bustling and full of energy that seemingly never stops. From the glittering high rises to the pastel estate blocks to lush mountain vistas and everything in between its really a place to immerse yourself in.

Visit the colourful estate buildings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for it’s interesting architecture and pastel coloured buildings. The two buildings that pop up on your instagram feed most often though are the Estates Choi Hung and Yick Cheong. They are really unique and interesting a worth a visit.

Yick Cheong

Aka The Monster building is a dense stacked residential area. It’s known for being featured in the Hollywood blockbusters Ghost in a shell and Transformers: Age of extinction. It’s quite a gritty area and difficult to find but you will immediately know when you have. There are photographers wielding big cameras, gopros and selfie sticks everywhere as well as ironically massive signs that say no photos allowed. I was in two minds to actually snap pictures there but when a very old local man came out of his own to show us the way without wanting anything in return ( we stuck out like sore thumbs so I am pretty sure he knew we were there to take photos ) I thought why not.

Choi Hung Estates

These colourful apartment blocks are a pastel dream and one of the oldest estates in Hong Kong housing almost 43 000 people! People ( myself included ) flock from all over to take their photo on the colourful basketball court in front of one of the buildings.

Go check out the Temple Street Night Market

If you are looking for trinkets, souvenirs a fake handbag or a pair of Calvi Kline briefs ( yes I saw them… ) then look no further than the Temple street night market. We went for the vibe and had the best noodles ever with some pretty huge beers. It’s busy and touristy but also pretty interesting and very lively so definitely worth visiting.

It is pretty easy to get to and we actually ended up walking through the crowds of the designer lined streets to get there. If you don’t feel like walking, just take the metro, it’s quick and convenient and runs till 12:00am.

Take a Star Ferry

At only $2,70 HKD ( 0,34 USD or R5 ) the star ferry is a very inexpensive must do. The fastest way to get across Victoria harbour from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon or vice versa. We took the sunset one from Central and got some amazing views of the sky turning pink behind the stunning buildings. You can also use your Octopus card to pay which makes it really quick and easy!

Visit the avenue of the stars at night

The avenue of the stars is right by the Kowloon star ferry terminal and the perfect place to go at night to see the stunning Hong Kong skyline light up.The Avenue of Stars pays tribute to the names that helped make Hong Kong the ‘Hollywood of the East’. From statues of Bruce Lee to hands in the cement the avenue of the stars is filed with tributes to Asia’s biggest stars.

Go up Victoria Peak

This hill on Hong Kong island offers gorgeous views of Victoria Harbour and the surrounding islands. It is the highest peak on Hong Kong Island. Take the tram up to the observation deck and enjoy the expansive views. If you are in the mood then you can also take a hike up to the top! Remember to check visibility though as Hong Kong can get very hazy on some days so you wont be able to see much!

Go on a Junk Boat

The Hong Kong Junks are relics of the past brought to life. Floating past with sails billowing they make for a magnificent sight with the city as a backdrop. I especially loved seeing them at night glowing like ghost ships and cutting through the inky water. They are truly symbolic of a bygone era and add that touch of culture to a ever evolving place.




  • May 3, 2019

    Beautiful post and photos! I have not been to Hong Kong in so long, I think its high time to go for a visit!

    Nofilter Travel


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