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Planning a trip to Bali seems to be high on everyones travel list lately. I don’t blame them, the island is full of awesome experiences and beautiful places. There are loads of things that you should definitely do but I wanted to let you know what you shouldn’t.

Luckily we had friends that told us what we should do and what we shouldn’t when planning a trip to Bali. We wanted to share all the information we got from them as well as what we figured out for ourselves.

Don’t stress too much though as planning a trip to Bali should be fun and exciting!

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6 Big Mistakes to avoid when planning a trip to Bali

1. Going for less than a week

You might think you can get away with going to Bali for a quick week getaway Let me tell you that it would almost not even be worth it. Unless you are a very quick plane ride away or you are planning on coming back don’t bother.

Once you get to Bali you will be amazed by how much there actually is to see and do. We went for three weeks and it still wasn’t close to being enough time to experience everything we wanted. You want time to relax as well as explore and really emerge yourself in the experience. I would say 10 days or more should be your goal especially if you are traveling from far away.

We spent the first 5 days getting used to the Bali way of live in the cute little town of Canggu. It was a great decision and it set the perfect mood for the rest of the trip. It also gave us a chance to get used to taking a scooter everywhere.

2. Staying in Kuta

Don’t fight me on this. Unless being in the center of a party is your ultimate goal, then you can go ahead. Kuta used to be the place to base yourself in Bali. Unfortunately that was many years ago and since then things have changed. And not for the better.

Seminyak is slightly better but if you are looking for a hip area to base yourself then head to Canggu. Cute cafe’s, vibey beach bars and loads to do. Canggu is the hipster hub of Bali but you don’t have to be one to love it. We were in love with all the good food and the easy way of life. It was also one of the cheapest places in Bali to eat and drink that we experienced.

3. Not getting a scooter license before going to Bali

If you didn’t know here is a reality check. Loads of people get injured or die on a daily basis in Bali from scooter accidents. Not everyone will ask to se your license when you rent a scooter but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. Not only is it dangerous for everyone involved, you might also get in trouble with the authorities.

The days of quietly driving in the sleepy villages is past and now the traffic will leave you crazy. You will have a much better time if you know what you are doing.

4. Skipping local Balinese food

I definitely fell into the smoothie bowl and avo toast hole when we were in Bali. Some of the cafe’s were just way too good to miss out on. And inexpensive as well! I did mix in local food though all the time. I became obsessed with Gado Gado and obviously had bucket loads of Mi Goreng and Nasi Goreng. Luckily for me there was always a veggie options available. They even have tempeh satay!

Local food is often the cheapest to get and the local Warungs can be found all over the place. The make the perfect option for anyone on a tight budget.

Do not make the mistake of not eating the yummy local food when planning a trip to Bali.

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5. Spending too much time in one area

You might think it’s a good idea to have a base when planning a trip to Bali but it might be tiring. Having to do long day trips or scooter rides every day can really get to you.

I would suggest staying in three to four areas and exploring from there. We stayed in Canggu, Nusa Penida and Ubud and Uluwatu which was a perfect mix.

Canggu had all the cafe’s, shopping, surfing and beach bars we wanted from our island holiday. Nusa Penida gave us the adventure and insane views! Ubud was close to rice paddies and waterfalls. Uluwatu had beautiful beaches and a relaxed vibe.

A few days in each area that you choose should be enough to see the sights and relax at your villas pool!


6. Not going to the Nusa Islands

The Gili islands were the place to go when in Bali for a long time. Then the Nusa’s came along and pushed them off their pedestal. They are still absolutely beautiful and definitely worth a visit so don’t check them off your list.

Rather add the Nusa islands on as well. There are three to pick from ( or do all of them ) two being chill islands and one all about adventure. Nusa Penida is the one we chose and we are so happy we did. It has so many things to do so try not to go on a day trip. From the famous Kelingking aka T-rex beach to Angels billabong and Diamond beach the options for adventure are endless.

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