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6 Cute Travel Photo Pose Ideas For Couples

You don’t have to be an instagrammer in order to get some cute photos of you and your significant other while travelling. There are a few easy ways you can capture your photos but sometimes it’s more about the pose than the how you are taking the photo. I know a lot of you find it difficult to suddenly think of a shot that isn’t just a usual happy snap.  Those are totally fine but wont it be nice to have some cute and fun  photos to treasure from your travels together?

Here are some of our go to poses as a couple when we travel

The fun candid pose

This is really one of my favorite because all you have to do is put your camera on burst and let the snapping begin. What we usually do is set up a tripod with an intervalometer that takes a photo every few seconds. If you don’t have any of those don’t worry. Nicely ask someone around if they could take a photo, but the camera on burst mode – just tell the person you are – and viola.

The candid fun photos are really easy and usually turn out cute because there is actually no posing involved. Just start interacting with your partner! You can lean in for a kiss or share a joke. Anything that feels natural or lighthearted will work.

A lot of our pool and ocean photos start as static poses and then end up like this one with someone splashing the other. It creates cool movement and makes the photo instantly feel alive.

The upgraded selfie pose

Forget smart phone selfies – especially on the dreaded selfie stick. Get yourself a gopro and get a whole lot more than your face into the shot. We love doing a selfie shot at every place we go to. It’s a great way to get some landscape in your shot so that you can actually remember where you are! We usually shoot it on linear as with wide you might get too much curve in the background.

With our selfies Mike usually holds the gopro out and we put it on the photo timelapse mode at half a second intervals.

The epic drone pose

A drone is definitely a great investment if you travel often. It is especially great when travelling as a couple because you can get some really cool shots together! As long as you are respectful when you fly it ( not around other people ) and you abide by the laws of a country then you should definitely try some drone poses! I love getting shots when going to tropical beach destinations. A few options are to walk away from the camera which works well on a deserted beach. We also love lying down next to the shore, just remember to watch the water so it doesn’t wash over you!

The legsie pose

One of our new go-to poses is what I like to call “The Legsie” pose. Basically your partners legs and then you in the middle. I think it originally comes from Jay Alvarrez and it definitely gives you those romantic care free holiday feels. Your partner might only show off their legs so why not switch it up!

All the posing goes to the person in the middle and some of poses are walking away, sitting facing the camera and putting my hands up like you just don’t care. You can also be a bit extra and grab your partners hand.

The utterly romantic pose

When all else fails go full on romance. Dancing is always a good place to start as the movement always looks good on camera. We love twirling and the throwing your head back pose. No lies, we took about 300 – burst – photos to get the exact shot I wanted but if you aren’t a crazy perfectionist like I am you will get it right after a few tries. Just don’t try it on the side of a mountain… just saying…

The booty pose

It looks way better than it sounds, absolutely no close up’s needed but clothes are optional! 😛 Find yourself surrounded by beautiful nature then what else can you do other than stare out at the awesomeness.

Hold hands or just casually walk this – this post work well wherever you are. A bonus is that if you are looking less than stellar after a long flight or a few days on the road you don’t even need to show your face!

Although written with a bit of humour and hopefully taken with a pinch of salt these poses actually do make for some pretty cool photos and fun memories to take back with you. Just don’t get so involved in taking photos that you completely miss the moment!

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