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6 Must Visit Off The Beaten Track Destinations

Off The Beaten Track Destinations

There is something special about visiting lesser traveled to destinations. Like you are part of a secret club that very few get entry to. Off the beaten track destinations hold a magical allure to some of us that want to experience something almost unchanged through history. Authentic experiences, adventure and local flare is what we want to experience.

Here are a few of those destinations that would make for epic trips in 2019

Cook Islands

Halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand you will find the beauty that makes up the 15 Cook Islands. Just imagine crystal clear water and white sand beaches with palm trees gently swaying in the breeze. This island nation in the South Pacific is all about laid back friendly culture that comes from living in paradise. The Cook islands have it all when it comes to outdoor and adventure activities. Think snorkelling, diving, hiking, quad bikes and more!

Photo via Finduslost

São Tomé and Príncipe

If you have never heard of São Tomé and Príncipe I wouldn’t blame you! This untouched paradise sits off the West Coast of Africa on the equator. It’s the second smallest country in Africa and it is absolutely beautiful. There are lush green forests, incredible beaches and breathtaking landscapes to be discovered. There are also hardly any tourists and friendly welcoming locals. All the reasons to get into adventure mode and visit!

St Helena

The rugged coast line of this North Atlantic island island has been the view of many sailors during an Atlantic  crossing. Whether you come by boat or plane, you will be stunned by its natural beauty. The contrasting landscapes will draw you in and create the ultimate map for your St Helena adventure. The marine life is outstanding and if you are a keen hiker there are breathtaking views from its highest peaks.

Yukon Territory

A sparse population and 5 of Canadas highest mountains is two of the many things Yukon has going for it. Alpine lakes and wild rivers create dramatic scenes in its incredible landscapes. Adventure is at the top of the list in Yukon with so many things to do including, camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, rafting, dog sledding and loads more.

If you love cultural trips it also has historic sites, museums and festivals to enjoy and explore.


The Tongan archipelago is made up of 176 islands most of them uninhabited. The South Pacific really has it all. Marine life in abundance, caves, corals, ancient lava tubes and impressive cliff faces. The Kingdom of Tonga is a great place to explore sheltered and uncrowded lagoons and atolls, jungles and back roads.


Tucked between China and India is the small mostly Buddhist nation of Bhutan. It’s a country of no traffic lights and massive monasteries. If you are looking for a peaceful destination with an almost magical feeling in the air look no further. Shrouded in age old mystery visiting the different areas will give you insight into the daily life of the monks. No trip to Bhutan is complete without visiting the imposing Tigers Nest Monastery set against a cliff.

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