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I feel like I haven’t done a weekend recap post since way back when I lived in Malta and every weekend was an adventure but lately I have been prompted to share a bit of my usual life with you the same way I do on snapchat and now instagram stories.

This weekend was pretty average seeing that we didn’t go on any adventures but it was the first weekend that Mike has been back from his trip to Kenya and Ethiopia so it was nice to just do some normal stuff!

On Saturday we went on a quick two hour hike to a small but pretty waterfall on Table Mountain. We started by going up Kloof Corner which is one of my favorite quick hikes for a great view. Its so close to our place and its a 15min walk to the top with gorgeous views all around. Its pretty hectic though as its steep steps going up and anyone that watched my instagram story would have seen me swearing when I got to the top! We then missioned along the middle of the front of Table Mouotain all the way to the end where we stopped at the waterfall and relaxed before heading back. Even a small hike like that really makes you feel so much better and I always suggest going out into nature if you feel down or just kind of in a rut. The fresh air really helps with absolutely everything! Just make sure you are not a “bad hiker” but more on that in another post!

We decided to go out for pizza down in Camps Bay for dinner and also check out the sunset from one of our favorite spots down at the tidal pool. The sunset was gorgeous but the ocean was pretty rough and because we didn’t take any cameras with we just sat enjoying the view. We always go for pizza and drinks at our local spot, Dizzy’s and they literally have the best pizza’s ever!

On Sunday Mike had to go shoot some photos on a few locations around Cape Town so it was a good excuse to see some places that we have never been and because its Sunday the traffic wouldn’t be so bad. We headed out to Rondebosch and stopped close to a great ice cream place called The Creamery so we just had to have an one! I got Salted Caramel and Mike got Coffee and it was soooo good. They give so much on one scoop that I could hardly finish mine but that was lunch sorted.

I love going on little spontaneous missions because we always seem to turn it into a little adventure and I love that we never run out of things to say to each other.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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