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Easy ways to take incredible couple photos while traveling

We might have been together for over 16 years but we only recently found out how to take incredible couple photos while traveling. We always found the task quite daunting especially if there is people around but once you get your mojo and follow a few steps it really isn’t difficult at all! I love capturing photos of us together especially when they are more than just vacation happy snaps. It’s great to have these beautiful moments and memories to treasure!

We might have a a lot of gear but you don’t always need it all to capture those moments. A simple iphone with a tripod or gopro will work fine as well! If you have money to invest in some more gadgets it only gets more fun but it’s not 100% necessary.

Our Travel Photography Gear

  • Sony A7Riii with a 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens – Not the cheapest combo but amazingly sharp and perfect to shoot all kinds of travel content.
  • SonyRX100 vi – The perfect pocket travel camera with amazing quality video and photos.
  • DJI Mavic pro – It is time for an upgrade but we love using our drone for couple shots while traveling to get a unique perspective
  • Gopro here 7 – We love being able to take photos in or around water with this powerful guy!
  • Gopro gooseneck mount with a jaws flex clamp – Basically mount your gopro on anything!
  • Tripod – Invaluble to get those bangers!
  • Iphone 7+ – Our iphones mostly just get used to edit photos on that we quickly send to ourselves from our devices.

Here are my 7 easy ways to take incredible couple photos while traveling

Be prepared

I always prepare for a trip before going. Knowing what type of photos you want to take makes it a whole lot less daunting! I usually make a moodboard on pinterest with images that capture what I am looking for. This isn’t to 100% copy but to get inspiration and at the end of the day make it your own.

It might be a certain colour scheme or just creative poses that I haven’t thought of before. I also then use this as a guide on what we should pack so our photos look cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. In Mozambique I wanted our colour palette to be, blue, orange and neutral. The blue being the water and then white, black, orange and cream. These colours all worked really well together but also stood out on a photo.

TOP TIP – Create an album on your phone with inspo in case you don’t have reception where you are going! 

Act natural

This was probably the most difficult thing for me to get right. I have been in front of the camera for years now but as soon as you add another person it all changes. You don’t know what to do, it all becomes a fumble of stiff poses and awkward smiles.

I have to admit keeping it natural sometimes does not come naturally. Mike and I are super comfortable with each other but when we first started taking couple photos we were a mess. We didn’t communicate and we were so focused on posing that there was no emotion in the photos.

Recently we have found a method that works much better. We actually do things like running, jumping, talking, smiling and hugging. You might get quite a few silly photos but you do end up with ones that actually have some feeling. Instead or remember trying hard to pose when looking at a photo we now remember a special kiss or appreciating a beautiful view!


Don’t be shy

There are two things to not be shy about when taking couples photos:

Don’t be shy to shoot in front of other people

I used to get anxiety and worry what people would think about us when we whip out our tripod and start taking photos together. Now I have realised that most people don’t care and if they do who cares! You will more than likely never see them again and if you are not in anyones way or being inconsiderate in any way then there is nothing for them to even say.

At the end of the day you need to ask yourself what matters more. Strangers opinion or a memory that you can look back on and treasure.

Don’t be shy to ask for help

If you don’t have a tripod and there is someone nearby ( bonus points if that person has a camera ) don’t be shy to ask for help! It usually works best to take a photo of your partner with the exact angle you want so when you approach the person you can show them what you want. This might sounds rude but it is much easier than the poor person stressing or you being disappointed. I have yet to have anyone be upset about this and it speeds the process up! Just remember that if they don’t get it right after two shots to rather say its great thanks and leave it. 🙂

TOP TIP – Always ask the person if they want a photo of themselves in return. Mike does this even when people don’t have cameras and then he emails the shots to them. What goes around comes around! 🙂

This photo was taken by our tour guide!

Get an intervalometer remote

So having a remote for your DSLR is key to get really good photos. A self times just does not work as well especially when trying to capture a moment. There are plenty of remotes on the market for cameras that you can choose from. We luckily have a built in one in our Sony A7Riii. This definitely takes shooting couples photos to the next level. You can choose the amount of photos, the start time ( sometimes we set it to a minute if we need to go far! ) as well as the intervals in which to shoot.

Not only does this take the stress and the sweat out of shooting, your photos will also definitely be way better!

Use a tripod

Sick of stacking your camera on a bunch of random objects and hoping like hell it won’t fall? Yeah it’s about time to get a tripod. Our tripod has been one of our best investments and they are not even that expensive. You just need a sturdy good quality one that is also light enough to easily travel with. If you don’t have a DSLR you can also get similar tripod set up’s for your mobile phone or gopro.

TOP TIP – Do not skimp on a tripod if your camera is expensive. It’s definitely not worth it. 

Frame your shot

You always need to take some photos of an area before you start shooting for real. There are so many ways to frame a photo and it can really make our break your shot.

Creative ways to frame a shot

  • Use nature as your frame. Create drama by standing in between tall trees or have plants blurred out in the foreground. There are so many ways to fram a shot using your natural surroundings.
  • Change up your position. You don’t always have to stand in the center of a shot.
  • Create some interest with your poses or surrounds
  • Use a minimal background as a frame

Get creative

There are plenty of ways to get creative while taking couple photos. What we love doing though is using gear to get a unique perspective on things. Two of our favorite pieces of equipment for doing that with is our drone and our gopro.

The gopro is great for underwater shots and any shot you think might be a bit close for comfort in the water.

The other one is our drone. I think a drone is really one of the coolest things you can have with you when traveling. You just need to know the rules and be considerate when flying!  We love changing up the angles for our drone shots. Straight from above makes for some cool shadows while having the drone far away can really give you a great perspective on scale. The drone is also super easy to use for couple shots when you don’t have your tripod with you or it isn’t suitable to shoot with a tripod. We have used it for middle of the road shots, shots on rocky outcrops and ones lying in the water. We definitely would not have gotten any of those if if wasn’t for our drone!

Have you ever attempted couple shots on your travels?

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