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There are so many must see Cape Town views it makes it pretty difficult to choose just a few. It really is an incredibly beautiful city with loads of naturally beautiful areas. Another great thing is that a lot of these views you can see on the same day or plan a little day trip to see a few along a specific route. I would recommend though taking your time at each location to fully appreciate it, and you definitely don’t want to be rushed so plan accordingly.

You need a few hours at each spot and always factor in lines, food stops and traffic so there is no disappointment when it comes to your search for those epic Cape Town views.

These are my favorite iconic Cape Town views but I feel like every person that lives here or comes to visit has their own top favorite spots. You definitely need to see all of these when coming to Cape Town so you can make up your own mind which ones are the ones you love most!

Chapmans Peak

Chapmans peak is a mountain in the Table Mountain national park and is home to one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. Really one of the most spectacular Cape Town views! Think rugged cliff faces stretching up into the sky on the one side and sheer drops into the Atlantic on the other. It is dramatic and wild and perfectly sums up the raw beauty of Cape Town.

As the rounds winds and curves it has plenty of lookout spots where you can stop to take in the surroundings. The most popular one being at the highest point of Chapmans Peak drives here there is a parking lot and an uninterrupted view of The Sentinel, another mountain peak at the opposite side of the bay in Hout Bay.

If you are lucky you will find yourself on this road on a picture perfect day, Cape Town showing off what it’s really about. The bright turquoise water will shimmer like glass down below and you might even spot whales or dolphins. On other days it might be stormy and dark with howling winds and then it is best to avoid trying to get instagram type shots as there has been fatalities on the loose rocks when people venture away from the lookout points.

The road also isn’t always open so you need to check on their website if they are. It’s a toll road and to head through to the main stopping areas or to drive all the way through to the next suburb – Noordhoek, you will need to pay a small fee either with cash or credit card.

City Bowl view from helicopter

If you can, save up for a Heli Flip while you are in Cape Town then you should 100% do it! It’s an experience that I have had the pleasure to have done twice before and would do again in a heartbeat. Not only is it one of the craziest Cape Town views it’s also a definite bucket list experience. The perfectly formed city bowl with Table Mountain proud in the center and  Devil’s peak to the left, Lions Head and signal hill to the right.

I think that view will really put it into perspective as to why Cape Town is always getting voted as the most beautiful city. Who doesn’t want to live on the tip of Africa perfectly balanced between the mountain and the sea?!

View from Lions head at sunrise

Lion’s head used to be just another beautiful mountain when I was younger. Now it is the number one must do hike for every person that comes to Cape Town. It is so popular that at full moon it’s so packed you can’t even get to the very top. I can see why it is such an attraction though. Unspoiled 360 views of the city, table mountain, the twelve apostles, Camps Bay, Sea Point and the Harbour. You wont find a better Cape Town views and it’s free as well!

Going up for sunrise is my favorite time to hike it especially in Summer when the sun can get super brutal. The hike is around 50 min if you take it easy and there are some tricky and strenuous sections so come in hiking gear!

The best thing to do is get an uber to drop you off at the boom which is the starting point of the hike an hour before the sun rises. Always hike in a group and remember to bring a headlamp. Enjoy sunrise at the top and then when you get to the bottom enjoy a coffee at the Vida E food truck at the bottom.

PLEASE NOTE – Lion’s Head is closed for maintenance until 1 March 2019

Table Mountain from Blouberg beach

Imagine coming into Cape Town for the first time in 1652. What a absolutely amazing sight Table Mountain must have been! Imposing as if it is watching over the bay and seemingly 100% flat from that distance. There are times I have wished to erase the view from my head just so I would be able to see it again with fresh eyes because it is just so breathtaking.

Take a drive out to the best coast to experience a chilled way off life. The best view is from Blouberg beach with an ice cream in the one hand and a camera in the other! It is also the perfect spot to watch Kite Surfing or just go for a very stroll!

If you want the one of those postcard Cape Town Views this is definitely the place to visit!

Cape Point

Although Cape Point isn’t exactly the southern most tip of Africa – Cape Agulhas gets that honour – it does really feel like it! head through to the main parking lot and make your way up to the upper lighthouse. Skip the funicular and take the stairs, I promise the views along the way will make the huffing and puffing well worth it. Once you get to the top you will have a perfect view of the beautiful Diaz beach and all the way to the other side of false bay on a clear day.

The area is known for it’s cheeky baboons so keep an eye out especially if you are carrying food with you. Don’t feed them ( obviously ) and all will be well though, they wont hurt you if you just keep on going on your merry way – aka the opposite way!

There is a fee involved that you will have to pay at the gate but of you are a SA resident you can get a discount or enter on your Wild Card.

Suther Peak

A little known spot and definitely not one of the Cape Town views “big five”, Suther Peak still has a special place in my heart. The hike is intense and not really for beginners. If you are however keen on the outdoors and you have a full day to spend on the mountains then it is definitely worth it.

It has Cape Town views you don’t always get to see and you know you had to work hard to get to so it makes it even sweeter. I love that you are able to see Lions head as well as it’s smaller baby brother aptly named little Lions head from the top vantage point. The view also takes you down to Sandy bay and Oudeschip island which has an old fishing vessel wreck on it.

You will have to park at the Hout Bay dunes and take the patch onto rocket road to get to the starting point. Take a local guide with to show you the way because it’t not the easiest path to find!

Llandudno rocks

The perfect view for sundowners or to watch surfers on a crystal clear day. Llandudno rocks offers you a dreamy view in one of the most beautiful suburbs in Cape Town. You wont find any shops or restaurants here so bring something to eat and drink if you are planning on spending some time.

Llandudno is situated on the coastal road just before heading down into Hout Bay. Nestled in between boulders, mountains and a pretty spectacular beach you can see why it has a certain allure. Follow the signs down to the small beach parking lot – fingers crossed you find parking otherwise uber there – and head off to the right side of the beach where you will see the rocks jutting out into the surf.

Maidens Cove

So I might be a little bit biased growing up in Camps Bay but the view of my hood from Maidens Cove is just unbeatable. Maidens cove is actually a big parking area and beach bbq site just between Camps Bay and Clifton. It has a rolling green hill leading to big boulders, two tidal pools and two small beaches on either side.

From the boulders facing towards Camps Bay you can see the Apostles in all their glory, Glen beach with it’s local surfers and the white stretch of Camps Bay beach. It is an iconic Cape Town scene, especially at sunset when the south easter is blowing and pink clouds billow of the peaks. This is one of the easiest views in Cape Town to get to and also one of the most rewarding!

Be careful when you are alone in the area especially at sunrise or sunset times as there are vagrants that sometimes live in between the rocks.

Table Mountain ( king of the Cape Town views! )

Saving the best for last, the mighty king of Cape Town – Table Mountain. Whether we want to or not all Capetonians have a strong bond with Table Mountain. We hike up to the top from all angles, we pay the cable car fees, we cry when it burns. We definitely are in love with our mountain and the awe inspiring view it gives us from the top. One of the new seven natural wonders of the world it really deserves all the love and respect it gets.

If you are pressed for time go up for a sunset picnic and watch the sky turn orange. If you feel more adventurous then hike up in the morning and spend the day exploring the top of the mountain. There is a food shop at the top as well as bathrooms and if you can believe it, a free wifi lounge! If you are in Cape Town for work, grab your laptop and sit in the office with the best views in Cape Town!

You will have to double check the weather if you are planning on hiking or taking the cable car. Cape Town is fickle at best of times and the wind picks up when it wants. If you are lucky though you might witness another weather phenomenon we are lucky enough to witness here – Atlantic fo rolling in. It creeps in over the ocean making it’s way around Lion’s head and over the neck into the city.

You can also book tickets online if you are planning to take the cable car to the top. This means less lines and more time soaking up that view from the top!

Here are some more posts to help you with your trip to Cape Town!

I hope you have found a lot of new information on how to make your trip to Cape Town the best ever! If you happen to visit one of these spots on my recommendation leave me account down below, I would be super stoked! Also tell me what are your favorite views in Cape Town?





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