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7 Things You Can’t Miss In Canggu – Ultimate Guide

Canggu is one of Bali’s newest hotspots with digital nomads and laid back tourists soaking up its beach village vibes. It is known for its hip cafe’s, beach clubs and black sand beaches where surfers spend their days.

A great place to start or end your trip Canggu is the type of place you feel instantly at home. From shopping in the narrow streets to heading to one of it’s popular night spots for a few Bintangs after dark it really has everything you need for a beach holiday.

The sunset in Canggu are legendary and the scooter “gangs” all make their way down to the beach to see the sky turn red.

Here are a few of the things you just can’t miss when staying in Canggu

Watch the sunset at some epic spots

Canggu is the perfect place to chill and enjoy all the sunset vibes. Around the end of the day everything gets a golden glow and the smell of grilled corn wafts around in the balmy air.

Echo Beach

Hang out with surfers, tourists and cool kids alike at Echo beach. The black sand turns red as the sun dips with reflections for days, surfers in the distance and a whole lot of beautiful! It is located just down the stretch from Batu Bolong beach local name is Pantai Batu Mejan, named after the Hindu temple on the site. It is one of the best surf spots in the area and sunset surfs are at the order of the day with loads of locals and tourists alike hitting the water at golden hour.

If you surfing at sunset isn’t your thing indulge in some shameless photoshoots or hit on of the numerous bars that line the beachfront.

Canggu Rice Paddies

Kind of a hidden gem the Canggu rice paddies are a real treat at sunset. It is really easy to get to especially if you are staying quite close to the Echo beach area. Ride along Jalan Batu Mejan onto Jalan Padang Linjong, then turn left onto Jalan Pura Blulang Yeh. You will definitely need a scooter or bicycle to get there!

It really brings back home that Canggu was just a local village a few years back! Catch sunset behind the rice paddies or if you have a drone catch it from above!

Tanah lot

On the far northern side of Canggu you will find a very popular sunset spot Pura Tanah Lot. This temple is one of Bali’s directional temples, and is situated on a rock in the ocean, just offshore. From all the beautiful temples on Bali, Tanah Lot is quite special and for many one of the “must-things-to-do” especially at sunset time when the ocean surrounding it gets bathes in golden light.

  • 60.000 IDR for adults
  • 30.000 IDR for kids
  • 2000 IDR for scooter parking

Eat at one of the many amazing restaurants

Canggu is absolute heaven for foodies and you can’t go wrong eating at most places. I had amazing meals everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still dream about some of them. There are also vegetarian and vegan options galore with loads of fresh ingredients and healthy options. Another fun thing is that most of the restaurants are really incredibly pretty and obviously extremely instagramable! They are also ridiculously inexpensive for what you get!

Some of my favorite restaurants were

  • Life’s Crate aka Crate Cafe – Come early as it gets really full for breakfast. They do a mean lunch as well and all the food items are priced at 55.000 IDR
  • Shady Shack – Have the Vegan Nachos and your life will be changed!
  • Warung Jaba – Super inexpensive Indonesian food that really hits the spot. The Gado Gado is so good!
  • Lolas – The cutest pink spot with amazing fruit shakes and the best pulled jackfruit burger!

Visit a market

There are loads of cool markets to check out in Canggu. Some of them are open most days while others are only open once a week! We checked out two big markets while we were in Canggu and they were completely different and very cool.

Love Anchor Market

You definitely can’t miss Love Anchor Market in Pantai Bato Bolong street in Canggu. It is really buzzing especially on weekends with plenty of different stalls. You can get anything from home goods, silver jewelry and woven bags to brand name rip offs there. The prices are a bit on the expensive side and I guess aimed at the Australian market but you can still find some really great deals if you are willing to bargain.

Samadi Bali Organic Market

Every Sunday from 9-4pm you will find an organic farmers and artisans market pop up at Samadi Bali. Live music, plenty of fresh food and smiling faces. It’s a great way to start your Sunday and also support local which is very important. Stock up for your trip or just browse the beautiful stores and enjoy the vibe!

Enjoy a drink at a beach bar

Beach bars are big in Canggu and with such a cool stretch of beach why not! Post surf, pre dinner or just because its Bali there is always an excuse to go grab an ice cold Bintang somewhere.

The Lawns

If you are feeling fancy head to The Lawns to be seen. No Bintangs in sight but an extensive range of craft beer, cocktails and champagne will keep you from leaving till well after sunset. They have a pool on the lawn that overlooks the beach to cool off and plenty of cute areas to relax. Just be ready to spend quite a bit as the prices are quite steep!

Old Mans

Not completely on the beach but close enough you will find Old Mans. A very popular spot for locals and tourists alike with a great vibe, good food and large beers! Come for a vibe on a Saturday night and enjoy the live music.

La Brisa

Get your cool on at this epic spot in Canggu. It is a great place to hit up the cocktails, take off your shoes and get lost in the rhythm of the music.

Finns Beach Club

An oldie but a goodie Finns beach club with its infinity pool is still one of Bali’s best and it is definitely worth hanging out for the day if you have time.

Head to the Black Cat mini mart

You might think it is strange for a mini mart to be on a must do list but this is no ordinary late night snack shop. The Black Cat Mini Mart although now quite well known used to be the ultimate in the know secret spot in Canggu. Hidden behind a broken refrigerator in this mini mart you will find a rocking speak easy that pumps till late at night.

Do yourself a favour and head over just to get the thrill of walking into this awesome spot. I will leave finding the directions up to you guys so that all the mystery isn’t lost!

Learn how to surf

Surfing in Bali is on plenty of people’s bucket lists and why not? Warm water and plenty of places to learn with some epic surf spots makes it ideal. Canggu has a lot to pick from in terms of surfing schools, whether you want a one day only thing or a week long surf camp. If you feel that you are good enough in the water already just hire a board for between 50.000 and 100.000 IDR per hour from the many surf spots along the beach.

Go shopping

Cute boutiques and little stalls line the way to the beachfronts in Canggu. Go for a walk and I promise you that you wont leave empty handed. Not only do the boutiques give a welcome rest from the relentless humidity they also have some pretty cool goods on offer. Try and stay clear from the usual Bintang vest and buy some real local designed clothing or Bali style home wear.




  • May 8, 2019

    Thanks for the interesting article. I plan to dedicate the next trip to surfing and your article on Canggu is timely and helpful to me. Thank. And yes, the atmosphere in Bali is really amazing, so I want to come back here again and again.


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