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Places for Epic instagram photos in Bali


Here is your ultimate list of must visit places in Bali to get those epic instagram photos!

Bali is a relatively small island and one of almost 17,000 in Indonesia. It packs a whole lot of punch though with some insanely beautiful places. You will be spoilt for choice with the vast amount of photo opportunities in Bali, believe me! There are swings, beaches, mountains and more to explore so get ready to capture some truly epic content!

There are so many things that will keep you coming back for more but we decided to share our 8 faves with you!

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Beautiful terraced rice paddies set in a valley amongst swaying palm trees. Sounds just heavenly right? I can tell you it certainly is and when you get there at the right time it will take your breath away! Tegalalang is a very popular instagram spot and for good reason. Not only can you go on a Bali Swing there or look pretty sitting in a nest you can also saunter through the paddies like something out of Eat Pray Love. Just remember everything comes with a price so don’t forget your cash at home.

TOP TIP – Visit at sunrise to get the best light for photos!

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Canggu cafes

Never in my life have I seen such pretty restaurants as in Canggu Bali. A hipsters paradise with vegan food around every corner it really is a treat. One cafe is more gorgeous than the next! You will want to order everything on their menu ( including that mermaid latte ) just to be extra for instagram. It is most definitely worth it though so don’t feel guilty when splurging.

TOP TIP – Go at off peak times to get your pic of the best seats in the house for your photo shoot!

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Echo Beach

A black sand beach lines with pretty bars and hang-outs, Echo beach is the place to be seen. Go at sunset to see reflections for days on the glistening sand. Visit during the day to spot loads of surfers milling about. Anytime of day is also always good for a Bintang and a beach bar!

Sacred Monkey forest

Walking through the ancient temples with monkeys swinging about really is one of a kind experience. Just standing for a photo with the surroundings acting as a beautiful canvas already makes for a great photo.

The monkey forest is also pretty huge so there is quite a bit to explore. Come early in the morning to get the best photos as it gets very crowded later in the afternoon.

TOP TIP – Don’t wear sunglasses or jewellery and keep your bag securely locked. These guys are known to steal anything that they can carry!

Balangan beach

Balangan beach was one of my faves in Bali. The bright blue water and interesting cliff sides made it super photogenic! It might have been a bit difficult to get to but it is definitely worth the effort! The beach is perfect for top down drone shots or just about anything that requires glistening turquoise water. The lookout point on the left side is the most popular for photos and it’s not hard to see why.

TOP TIP – Get there before noon to avoid the loads of Chinese wedding shoots that happen there on a daily basis. It is really difficult to find a spot to pose with so many white dresses around 😛

Uluwatu cliffs

The cliffs in Uluwatu are definitely something else. The stand imposing facing out towards the endless ocean. There are a few great photo opportunities but drone shots are your best bet here.


The mighty T-rex on Nusa Penida is one of the most popular instagram spots. Even though it might not be in Bali exactly it is close enough to qualify. Almost all tourists go to Nusa Penida even just for a day trip so there is no reason to miss out on that iconic instagram shot!

TOP TIP – Get there before 9am to have the place almost to yourself. Day tourists only start arriving after 9!

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Diamond beach

Diamond beach is a recent instagram hotspot as access to the beach was only made in 2018. This other-wordly place will have you crazy with photo taking spots. There is even a famous Bali Swing at the bottom if you make it down the steep stairs!

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