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8 Secret Instagrammable Places in Cape Town

Instagrammable Places in Cape Town aren’t that difficult to find but it sucks to get the same shot as everyone else right? I have been living in Cape Town my entire life and I think I have found some cool and slightly different spots to get those insta bangers.

In Cape Town you mostly don’t have to worry too much about crazy crowds or waiting in line to get a photo. I actually really hope it stays that way as this is probably what I disliked most about Bali. No one should wait in a line to get a photo. Then you maybe need to go look for a more unique place to capture photos! We mostly shoot in nature so if you are looking for instagram worthy city shots this might not be the place!

There is no need to wake up for sunrise to go shoot but a lot of places just have such insane light that time of the morning that is becomes a must do. We love getting that first light seeping into our photos! It makes everything feel so dreamy right?

Here are a few Instagrammable places in Cape Town that you might not have known about

8 Secret instagrammable places in Cape Town

Signal hill facing towards Lions Head

Signal hill is a pretty popular place to watch sunset in Cape Town. A long road takes you past the entrance to Lions Head and all the way round the end of Signal Hill to the lookout spot over Sea point. There are plenty of stops along this road though were you can go onto the middle part of Signal Hill. This gives you a great perspective of Lions Head, especially further along the road.

The landscape also changes with the seasons going from orange to green and even pink when these gorgeous Whatsonias pop out!


Little Lions head hike

Little Lions Head is definitely not a very well known mountain or hike. It is the little brother or Lions Head looking almost the same but just one a slightly smaller scale. Heading towards Hout Bay from town you will spot it while driving along the coastal road. I love hiking that mountain not only for the views but because it is so quiet. You hardly see people hiking up there and we have spent hours at the top completely alone. This means loads of time to hunt for epic photo spots!


The start of Sandy Bay ( before you get to the naked people )

Sandy Bay is really one of the most gorgeous places in Cape Town. Out of the way with a ocean side walk of about 1km to get to a stunning hidden white sand beach. The only down side is its a nudist beach so taking photos isn’t really a vibe. We prefer to stay at the start of the walk right near the parking lot. There is small bay there which goes an incredible colour when the ocean is calm. It also has the added bonus of no naked people!

We have taken so many photos there and it always a huge vibe!

Low tide at Boulders Beach

Boulders beach might be a popular spot for instagrams but there is a hack to getting a good one with no people! Find out when the tide is low during the morning or late afternoon and go then. When the tide is low it is much easier to get to the perfect penguin spot! Just remember to be respectful!

CHECK OUT THIS BLOG POST FOR ALL THE DETAILS – Ultimate Guide To Seeing Penguins At Boulders Beach

Kraalbaai which looks like Greece all year long

The West Coast National Park is about a 45 minute drive outside of Cape Town. The drive is 100% worth it though because the place is gorgeous and the perfect insta spot. Kraalbaai is the most popular beach along the lagoon inside the park and it basically looks like mini Greece. The water is bright blue and still and you can even swim there because it is much warmer than Cape Town water.

Go in the afternoon when the light is shining from behind to get the really blue water. Also check the tides. The perfect time would be between low and high tide in the afternoon. During high tide there isn’t much beach and with low tide you get more marshy sand than water.




The Clifton sunset rock

I always confuse Mike by saying I want to go to the Clifton rock for sunset. We actually frequent a rock right by the ocean looking onto Clifton. This is not the rock I am talking about now. There is a higher and a lower Clifton Rock and the one I am talking about is the higher one. You actually need to drive to the ends of the earth to get to this one and it is pretty confusing even after doing it quite a few times. The view of Clifton and Camps Bay is pretty gorgeous from there especially on a nice day.

I wouldn’t go for sunset unless you are in a group as it can get quite sketchy at times. I won’t even try and explain where it is. Rather just click on the google maps link below!


Kasteelspoort rock

Kasteelspoort diving board is another epic spot that you will have to hike to. Kasteelspoort hike goes up one of the Apostles on the Camps Bay side of Table Mountain. It is a hike of moderate difficulty just because you are in fact climbing to the top of Table Mountain. Other than just being a bit tiring it is definitely not a technical hike. You will not be disappointed at the top though. Not for the faint hearted the diving board juts out into the middle of the gorge you just hiked up. It gives you a sliver of a view and really is just a breathtaking spot.

This is not somewhere to fool around though. It is dangerous and should be done carefully. I sometimes crawl onto it, no jokes! I have even given up on a photo opportunity because it was too windy for my liking. No shame in that!

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Llandudno is a small suburb in between Camps Bay and Hout Bay. On the coastal road between the glittering Atlantic and mountain backdrop it really is pretty gorgeous. The beach and large rock outcrop to the one side is pretty popular but if you head to the other side of the bay you get a unique and equally impressive landscape.





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