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8 Ways To Create Epic Instagram Photos While Traveling 2019

Epic Instagram Photos While Traveling

Instagram is a lot more than an “influencer” ( btw who hates that word?! ) platform. It is a place to share things and be creative. I have always loved photography way before instagram was even a thing so I naturally seek to create beautiful images to share with the world.

Creating these photos sometimes take time and other times it is as quick as pressing the shutter! It can be fun and exciting but to take it to the next level there are definitely some things you can put in use to help you along.


Know what you want to shoot

Having a niche is very important for travel photography as it makes it easier to get good photos instead of a whole bunch of mediocre ones. Think about the kind of thing you love shooting most while travelling and really focus on that ( but don’t forget the shameless selfies! ) If you don’t quite now what you prefer then try out a few different types of shots and you will immediately see what you are more comfortable with.

Do you love portraits, landscapes, street photography, couple photos etc? There are so many ways to create photos while traveling! Once you get a few cohesive photos on your feed you will notice the change immediately!

A few different types of travel photography niches:

  • Underwater
  • Food
  • Cultural
  • Wildlife
  • Portraits
  • Couple photos
  • Solo Female photos
  • Hotels
  • Adventure
  • Landscapes

Get inspiration

Once you found the type of travel photography niche you are interested in you need some inspo! Inspiration does not in any way mean copying someone though. I love going on pinterest, instagram and even old magazines to start getting some ideas. I also do my research on the place I will be visiting so I know what the possibilities are and what I could possibly do to make a shot or location look different.

Have the right gear

The right gear doesn’t have to be expensive it just needs to be right for what you intend on doing. If you are more interested in adventure and underwater shots a Gopro might be for you. If you love landscape shots from above then a drone is a must have or for couple photos you will more than likely need a tripod.

Having the right equipment will not only make your photos better but also help you to not feel frustrated and eventually give up.


Be patient

They say patience is a virtue and that is really true when it comes to travel photography. You never know what conditions you might be shooting in or what you need to wait for in order to get a great shot. We have had to wait plenty of times for the sun to come out so that the water is blue or for people to leave so we get that dreamy shot.

If you just take the photo and leave without trying to get the best possible shot it will obviously show. I only post photos I am really proud of and those are usually the ones that took a bit more time to create.

Wake up early, stay late

I cannot stress this enough and it’s literally the reason we get some of the photos that we do with no people at popular spots. When we go traveling there is hardly a day that goes by that we don’t wake up before sunset. Luckily we love it and even do it at home but it really is a game changer. The light is usually beautiful and you get at least a couple of hours before the crowds start coming!

Recently we went to the very popular Kelingking and we got there even before the parking attendants came. This meant we had a lovely hour and a bit to take as many photos as we wanted, hike down and get insane drone shots. It really was something super special! As we were driving away we just saw car after car after car filed with day tourists to the island and I have never been happier to have woken up so early.


Find your editing vibe

Editing can really play a big part in having epic travel photos for your instagram. Same as finding your photography niche, finding your editing style is very important. Without it your work won’t be recognised as yours and without a cohesive feed it might just look messy. Do you want your photos to look dramatic, vibrant or more natural and soft. Play around with Lightroom and see what you feel comfortable with till you come up with your own unique style.

If you are new to editing buying Lightroom presets can be a fantastic way to start your editing journey. I find that if you start out with a few that you like in no time you will change them enough to make them your own.

Be willing to work for the shot

Traveling might be fun but sometimes getting the shot can be a little bit more difficult than you imagine. We have scaled mountains and walked up and down seemingly endless steps in the heat of the day to get a good shot. If you aren’t willing to work for it then it probably wont be as epic as you want it to be.

We also have quite a bit of gear and we need to lug it around wherever we go. It would be much easier to just go with a cellphone or one camera and lens but we know for what we want to achieve and create we need it all no matter how difficult it might be!

Have fun

After all of that you still need to have fun while shooting. Interact with locals, be a bit silly and don’t take yourself too seriously or you will most probably end up spoiling your travels.

We always make time to have a laugh, relax and not stress to much though because after all its just instagram 😛


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