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African Safari Outfit Inspiration

African Safari Outfit Inspiration

We have gone on plenty of safari and all of them have such special memories for me. Being out in the bush with nature is just so exhilarating.

The one thing I used to find stressful when going on safari is what to wear! The weather in the bush can sometimes be temperamental and it can go from scorching hot in the day to icy cold at night.

You can definitely keep it simple with tank tops, jackets, jeans and shorts but I always like being a bit extra. Mixing comfort with style is my favorite thing to do.

With a lot of trial and error I think I have my safari style down and I definitely want to share it with you! 

My African safari outfit must haves

In a nutshell here are a few things that I never go on Safari without!

  • Sturdy comfortable boots
  • A light rain jacket or big scarf
  • A rain proof warm jacket
  • A sun hat
  • A cap
  • A beanie
  • Long light skirts
  • Bikinis and full swimsuits
  • Shorts
  • One or two smarter evening outfits
  • A travel iron ( not clothing but a must have! )

How to pack your clothes for an African Safari

Things to keep in mind when going on safari in Africa is that a lot of game lodges request that you bring a soft bag on safari. This makes it much easier when travelling by small bush plane. It also helps when you get fetched in the game vehicle if you are not driving yourself to the game farm.

Don’t worry though you will have more than enough space for everything! I usually wear my bulkiest item, my brown boots so I don’t have to pack them.

Remember you will be recycling items of clothing so you really don’t need a new outfit for everyday!

What to wear on Game Drives

You will be spending a lot of your time on game drives. You want to definitely be comfortable as you can as you will be sitting for most of about 4 hours hours at a time.

Things to consider:

  • The climate – What time of year is it and where are you? It might be really hot during the day but before sunrise and after sunset it might get really cold on your game drive. Consider this and take items with in case the weather changes.
  • What are you dressing for – Do you want cute photos at your sunset drinks stop or are you all about being behind the camera. Don’t be afraid to look nice on game drives. You do you!
  • When taking hats – Remember that you will be driving around in an open car and hats might blow off. Wear a hat that sticks!
  • Footwear – Will you be walking or stopping somewhere for drinks. You best bet is to wear boots that cover your ankles and not sandals or any open toe shoes.

I love wearing cute outfits on game drives. Once got I questioned by a game ranger if a long skirt was suitable for a game drive and walk. I was wearing my sturdy caterpillar boots and hiked better than anyone else with us… Don’t be ashamed to wear what you want as long as it is respectful and you feel comfortable. I love wearing long dresses as they are super cool and comfy and protect my legs as well.

What to wear at the Safari lodge

This does depend quote a lot on the lodge you go to. We have been to tented moving safari’s as well as 5 star luxury ones so my outfits usually reflect the situation.

For day time:

  • I tend to either spend it by the pool if there is one wearing swimsuits and sarongs
  • For lunch i would wear something relaxed like a summer dress or shorts and a t-shirt.

For night time:

  • If it is a fancy lodge I might wear something nice to dinner like a dress and some heels.
  • Mostly you don’t have to though and you can go to dinner with what you were wearing on the game drive
  • Always have a jacket or scarf at hand though if it gets a bit chilly

Footwear is important

I keep it super simple when packing shoes for a safari holiday.

  • A pair of neutral coloured comfortable sandals
  • A pair of comfortable flat sturdy boots
  • Sneakers that I wont mind getting dirty
  • High heels but only if I know I will wear them.

Other things to consider

  • Pack mostly soft tone or neutral clothing especially for game drives. Bright colours can be distracting for animals.
  • Don’t wear camouflage
  • Take a travel iron with as a lot of the game lodges charge extra for ironing!
  • Take clothing into account when you might be visiting a muslim country for Safari
  • You don’t have to go full safari mode with your clothing. Mix in normal pieces. Khaki doesn’t have to be your go to color and you don’t have to buy all your clothing from outdoor stores!

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