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Bali packing list

If you are planning a trip to Bali then there are some things you just cannot leave off your Bali packing list. Bali is an ultimate bucket list destination with some epic adventures awaiting you so being prepared is a must! We traveled to Bali and found out exactly what we needed and what we didn’t. So now we can make it easier for you to see what you might be forgetting to pack.  This is our ultimate Bali packing list with everything you might need to make your trip a once in a lifetime kind!

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Insect repellent

Insect repellent is my number one must have on my Bali packing list and for good reason. Bali doesn’t really have malaria ( but nearby Lombok does pose a risk ) but it does have a risk of getting Zika from Aedes mosquitos. This isn’t super frequent but better safe than sorry right! Bali is full of mosquito friendly breeding grounds like villa pools, rice paddies, palm trees and anywhere else with water basically! The worst is normal mosquitos though as they can really make your life miserable! They are relentless and seem to itch for days. Mike actually scratched his one open and it got infected so no fun at all!

Pack either a really good quality insect repellent from home. Otherwise make your first stop in Bali a pharmacy and buy a brand called Soffel. It is really amazing at keeping all the bugs at bay and your ultimate vacation on track.

A good charging bank

You don’t want to run out of battery while out exploring do you? I can vouch that your phone battery doesn’t seem to last long at all in Bali. It might be the heat or it might be the fact that you always seem to have google maps open. My downfall was the cheap data and the ability to post stories from everywhere so my phone battery didn’t seem to last long at all!

The easy solution to your power problem is to get a really good power bank. I would say this is absolutely necessary in Bali and something I always recommend to travellers. We are lucky enough to have the ability to charge our phones with our drone batteries. If you can’t do that then get yourself a good one that wont let you down!


Anker Power Bank


A light rain jacket

The weather in Bali can be pretty unpredictable at times so it is always good to be prepared. This rings very true when traveling around on a scooter all the time. Heading out wearing a cute outfit and all of a sudden a rain storms hits out of no where, you are definitely going to need it. This might not sound like something that happens but believe me it does and it did to us a few times. Stay dry and happy and bring a light one you can fit in your scooter or backpack easily.

A refillable bottle or flask

Bali water out of the tap is not suitable for drinking as you hopefully know by now. They also have a huge plastic problem so buying a bottle of water every few hours is just not cool you feel me. There are plenty of refill stations for drinking water at restaurants and hotels etc so try and use these as much as possible. If you can’t find any then buying a large bottle to refill your smaller bottle yourself is also a better option. A nice flask type bottle will even keep your water cold for you on those crazy hot days.


Water Bottle


Diarrhoea, nausea and heartburn tablets

Not really something people want to talk about but Bali belly is a reality. Dreams of your perfect vacation will disappear as soon as you feel those dreaded stomach cramps. Try and avoid it by not drinking tap water, avoiding ice and also avoiding less than great looking restaurants. Always check trip advisor for good reviews before eating somewhere! Luckily we were fine for the entire month we spent there but we are always prepared anyway! Heartburn tablets are also a life saver when you start eating a lot of food that you might not be used to eating back home!

Worldwide power adapter

Adapters are something we always travel with and a good quality worldwide one is something every traveller should have! It’s easier than having a new one for every country especially when you pack the wrong one! We always need adapters to charge all our gear and it needs to be a good one so we don’t fry anything in the process!


Power adaptor  

A good backpack

Our backpack was a saviour on our Bali trip. It had lots of compartments and it was rugged enough to take everywhere. We could stuff our groceries inside it as well as cameras, change of clothes, water bottles and just about everything else. It really made day trips super easy so we didn’t have a million different bags for everything.

Going on an adventure is much better if you know all your goods are safe and well protected in your bag right? It is also a good idea to get a small lock for each compartment especially if you go somewhere like the monkey sanctuary in Ubud! We have an epic one from K-Way that we used on our trip!

Waterproof phone cover

With all the water adventures and unpredicted downpours its a good idea to get a waterproof case for your phone to be on the safe side. Whether you go visit some of the amazing waterfalls or hop on a fast boat to an island, you know your phone will be safe. I depend on my phone for so many things so I really want the best phone cover so I don’t have to stress about leaks.


Lifeproof case 

An action camera like a gopro

Our Gopro goes everywhere with us because it is so rugged and easy to use. In Bali we used our Gopro Hero 7 for so many things. We filmed our adventures ( the stabilisation is next level! ) We took epic selfies and it helped us get some amazing wide angle and water shots! If you had to take one camera with you I would say an action camera to capture all those epic adventurous moments.


Gopro Hero 7

Quick dry towel

Don’t lug a massive towel around with you that definitely wont dry fast in the Bali humidity. Get yourself a small quick dry towel like the one I got from Sora! It was so easy to travel with and it’s ultra cute. Another cool thing is it is actually made from 8 recycled plastic bottles so you are also helping the environment. My Bali packing list definitely would not be complete without a beach towel!

Good hiking shoes

I cringed when I saw people struggling up an down places like Kelingking with sandals, flip flops or normal trainers. You definitely need something with a bit more grip when you go to Bali. A good pair of hiking shoes will make some of your adventures so much easier and safer. Mike swears by his Salomon speedcross 5’s!

Waterproof SPF 30+ lotion

You are going to sweat even more than you swim when you go to Bali so having a waterproof SPF lotion is really needed. As it’s so humid you also might not always feel the heat as intensely so don’t forgot to get a high factor. One sunburn can definitely ruin your entire trip.




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