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Bartholomeus Klip Guest House

Bartholomeus Klip is a gorgeous guest house situated on a farm in the Elandsberg nature reserve just outside Wellington and it is truly a dreamy destination for foodies and outdoor people alike. Recently we had the absolute pleasure of visiting there thanks to Miles for Style which I will talk about a bit later.


We arrived on a rainy Sunday afternoon and immediately settled into comfy couches near the fireplace in the communal lounge area. Champagne and a delicious high tea quickly sorted out the cold and also gave us the first delicious taste of the incredible food at Bartholomeus Klip.




There are four double rooms as well as one suite in the main guest house that are all beautiful decorated with Victorian style bathrooms. There is also a separate self catering cottage which you can rent if you are a larger group. I loved how pretty our room was and especially the fact that you could just grab a pair of gumboots from outside your door if you didn’t bring suitable shoes for a muddy walk outside ( which is obviously what I did! )



On our first night we got shown around the property a bit and I totally fell in love with the huge dam outside and its cute little boat house. The views are just incredible and if you are a nature lover you will be hooked. It felt it had a bit of everything with the wide open fields of green and yellow on the one side dotted with sheep on the one side and the majestic Limietberg mountains on the other.



Ok so the food was a big deal and even though I probably gained a few kilograms it was more than worth it. I was blown away by every single dish and we were so lucky to have the sous-chef show us a few of his tricks in the kitchen. Bartholomeus Klip has so much going for them already but the food just put the cherry on top.

If you appreciate really good food then you have to go see for yourself what all the fuss is about.







I also really enjoyed the morning and evening game drives soaking up the stunning surroundings and getting some fresh air. In actual fact we enjoyed it so much that while going ovefr a bumpy patch in the Landi Mike’s drone fell out and we didnt notice until we got back to the guest house. Thank goodness the guide drove back and the checked the road until they found the poor drone just lying next to a puddle. Fortunately that disaster was diverted and breakfast was very welcome after the bit of morning stress.




All the food was really good but I have a soft spot for breakfast and oh boy did they deliver. I have to say that they had the best breakfast spread that I have had as of yet and I think it partly has to do with the fact that each morning it was something different and the variety wasnt massive but it was all great quality and just incredibly good. I had fruit and granola every morning as well as some of their hot food although I didnt order any usual breakfast items ( you can get eggs, bacon, toast etc if you are in the mood ) I am in fact still dreaming about this creamy potato, fish and cheese bake that I had and it is something I will be trying at home thanks to their recipe book.

We had a bit of free time before we left and I decided to jump on a canoe and paddle out on the perfect reflection. The sun was shining and everything seemed just so perfect that I hardly wanted to leave but there is always a next time right?


We were invited to experience Bartholomeus Klip as part of the Miles for Style rewards program where you can redeem your Voyager miles for anything from fashion to wine and even getaways like this one!


  • Dana

    August 9, 2017

    I love all your posts, but Inwish you’d show places that are more affordable..


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