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Beginners Guide To Instagram – How To Be Successful

Instagram is fickle at the best of times and gaining a big following can feel like a daunting and almost impossible task. The thing about instagram is that its all about hard work, and it does pay off in the end but you need a lot of patience.

In the last year I have really been focusing heavily on growing all my social platforms as well as my blog and it hasn’t been an easy task. It has been rewarding though so don’t feel like you should give up before you give it a try.

Don’t look at followers though, rather look at your engagement! Strive to have high engagement and the rest will follow 🙂

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Choose a brand and a theme

It’s so important to have a clear brand message and a theme. People will know what to expect from your account and will come back because of it. Having a theme does not mean every photo should look the same though. Make your theme so that people recognise your style whenever they see it.

Create good quality content

My most important tip is to create great content, the best you possibly can. Work on your photography and editing skills and practice all the time. Instagram is all about the visuals and if you want to stand out they need to be creative, different, beautiful or striking. You don’t need the best cameras or the fanciest editing software either, you just need a lot of passion!

I saw the biggest change in my following and engagement after I started posting the best photos I could and constantly working on my editing. I love editing but if you don’t there are loads of presets for lightroom that can help you get started.


Engaging with like minded individuals is very important for growing your instagram account. Search for people in your niche and if you enjoy their photos tell them. Networking in your online community really helps to create loyal followers and engaging with other people always makes me feel inspired as well.

I used to never like and comment on other instagram accounts because I thought I was too busy and it was a waste of time. Now I put time aside in the morning and the evening and I actually love it. It motivates me to see what amazing stuff other people are creating and sharing and I love the idea of sharing the love.


Don’t think of other people in your niche as competition. Going out for photo missions with someone that shares your passion is a great way to learn new things and to gain more followers by cross promotion.

I have seen some awesome travel ladies collaborate lately and its so amazing and empowering to see the love in the community and not the hate.

Use hashtags

Instagram has really started clamping down on hashtag use ( because they obviously hate us right 😛 ) but you can still use them to your advantage. Three to five hashtags in your description that is relevant to your photo can do wonders.

Some of my best features have come from using hashtags! Numerous @beautifulhotels reposts have gotten me thousands of extra followers and if I never used the hashtag I wouldn’t have had those.



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