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The best treehouse on airbnb in Nusa Penida is one of the prettiest places I have been.The Tree House is called Rumah Pohon and is located at the 1000 Island Viewpoint on Nusa Penida. It has become one of the most popular attractions and one of the most popular places to stay on Nusa Penida! Recently is has exploded on social media and now everyone wants a photo at this stunning treehouse.

It costs 10.000 IDR to get into the viewpoint which is less than a dollar and definitely worth it! This means you can go snap a dreamy photo without staying there. You can however rent it out on Airbnb ( click here for $40 off your first booking ) or I think it would be pretty awesome waking up at sunrise with that view and beautiful bird sounds!

Booking a night at the best Treehouse on airbnb in Nusa Penida

You can book a night in the treehouse on Airbnb or as they are both same price. When we went there was only one treehouse occupied but it gets really busy in high season. Remember to pick the one with the insane view when booking as there are actually three treehouses!

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Where is the Nusa Penida treehouse located

It is perched up on the mountain at Thousand Island, Pulau Seribu, viewpoint near Diamond beach on the eastern side of Nusa Penida.


The Eastern point is about a 1 hour 30 minutes drive from the ferry port and the roads are pretty rough as you get closer to the popular view points.

When you get to the parking lot you need to pay 10.000 IDR to enter. Then you head down a lot of steep stairs to reach the bottom where the treehouses and viewpoint is located. You will first walk past the treehouses and the first viewpoint which is in between them. The last treehouse before you get to the top viewpoint is the one where people get photos at.

Unless you get there early in the morning or later at sunset there will most probably be a line where you will have to wait your turn to get a photo. This is pretty standard at most instagram famous spots in Bali and surrounds.

The roads are quite bad on Nusa Penida and I would definitely suggest getting a driver to take you to the Treehouse. If you want to go on a scooter you can get them at the harbour ( or your accommodation usually ) at about 70.000IDR. Just remember to check the brakes as the scooters on Nusa Penida are in pretty bad shape most of the time. It is also easier navigating the roads on person per scooter if you can!

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More about the Nusa Penida Treehouse

This is definitely a bucket list place to stay in terms of waking up with an epic view! There are a few things you need to be aware of though! The only place to get food close to the treehouse is at a small warung. This warung is located at the top of the stairs. There is nothing in the treehouse to make food with. There is only a bed and a fan in the treehouse so don’t expect luxury! You will also have to share a toilet with the other treehouses.. One night would be more than enough to soak up the beautiful vibes from the area. People might come stand on the steps to take photos. It is up to you if you want to allow them to do that!

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  • June 12, 2019

    This tree house just looks stunning… I have no words. I would absolutely love to be able to stay somewhere like this one day!! xx

  • June 13, 2019

    These tree houses are so amazing! I imagine staying there must feel so surreal. The views are mesmerizing.


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