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The best vegan restaurants in Canggu ( or just the ones I loved the most 😛 ) I am pretty sure it’s not even a matter of opinions or taste, Canggu is a plant based foodie heaven. I was completely floored by the crazy amount of insanely delicious food options that cost less than preparing a meal at home. This is probably the reason why we ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and I still didn’t try all the places I wanted!

Although it is definitely a reason to go back, I am yearning ( more like drooling! ) for some plant based goodness from my favorite vegan restaurants in Canggu!

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Here is my ultimate list of places you 100% have to eat at when heading to Canggu. Vegan or not I am sure you will love them!

Life’s Crate ( aka Crate Cafe )

Did you even go to Canggu if you didn’t eat at Crate Cafe? We think not! This huge open area restaurant with crates, couches and communal tables is a hipster paradise. Chill on your laptop while indulging in their 55.000 IDR menu or sip on a coconut while getting that perfect gram! This place might sound cliche but the food is so legit!

The entire food menu is priced at 55.000 and I don’t even know how that is a thing. Think enticing smoothie bowls, next level nachos or big ass burgers. They have it all and it’s all vegan or vegetarian! I basically wanted to live outside so I could just eat all my meals there but alas I think I might have rolled down into a rice paddie. Did I mention the portions are also crazy huge? Indeed, if you are looking for a good meal, a nice vibe and some seriously fresh budget eats you need to get there asap!

Do they sell alcohol – No

Average coffee price – 30.000 IDR

Average food price – 55.000 IDR

Open for – Breakfast and lunch

Vibe – Casual 


Shady Shack

This is a love story between myself and a little place called Shady Shack. From the evening I ran inside, soaking wet and straight off the scooter I knew something awesome was about to happen. This is the place where I met Shady Shack nacho’s and my universe was forever altered. Jokes aside though, Shady Shack was recommended to me over and over again and now I know why. A massive bakery selection of vegan delights tops of the experience but the food is just something special. I had the nacho’s twice ( so you know they are something else ) and if you go please do me a favour and order them. Gone are hard chips with some gloopy gauc and sad salsa. Thin crispy homemade nacho chips with heaps of fresh avo, cilantro, vegan cheese, limes and a huge cascading pile of BBQ beans and chickpeas to top it off.

Basically everything we ate there had us groaning and moaning to the state of being an embarrassment but oh well!

Do they sell alcohol – Yes! ( Bintangs are 25.000 IDR )

Average coffee price – 30.000 IDR

Average food price – 70.000 IDR for main meals and 40.000 IDR for starters

Open for – Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Vibe – Casual and cosy

Lola’s Shakes

Lolas shakin all day is a cute new spot in Canggu that will stop you in your tracks. The vibrant pink restaurant is definitely an instagram dream but to top it off the food is fresh and delicious. I recommend getting one of their shakes ( like duh ) and make it whichever one sounds most like a pina-colada because oh yes! I inhaled a pulled jackfruit burger with slaw and some sweet potato chips and it basically made me obsessed with jackfruit!

The menu isn’t big but they have some great breakfast specials and the lunch options will have you going back again and again!

Do they sell alcohol – No

Average food price – 55.000 IDR

Open for – Breakfast and lunch

Vibe – Casual and cute

Cafe Organic

Another instagram hotspot ( aren’t they all! ) is the very earthy Cafe Organic. I can’t lie I only went there for the gram but I am glad I did. Waking up early meant I got my perfect photo spot ( yay! ) but I also felt I could indulge in a bit of a chocolate smoothie bowl for my efforts. Pair that with a mermaid latte ( yes they do exist! ) and you have a perfect Saturday morning. In my mind the mermaid latte was pink but it ended up being kind of a blue chai latte vibe which worked even better with my outfit of choice is that matters.

It might not be one of the most inexpensive places to eat ( it is still pretty cheap though even by South African standards ) but the food is good and I really loved the vibe.

Do they sell alcohol – No

Average coffee price – 30.000 IDR

Average food price – 65.000 IDR

Open for – Breakfast and lunch

Vibe – Casual chic

Warung Jaba

I had to throw some local flavour with the vegan restaurants in Canggu and although this isnt a vegan restaurant it serves some awesome vegan food! I loved going to Warungs while in Bali but Warung Jaba in Canggu has a special place in my heart. It was the first place I tried Gado Gado and they also made my favorite version I had during my stay in Bali. Gado Gado is essentially tofu and tempeh served with boiled vegetables, salad and peanut sauce. It is a cold dish and although it doesn’t sound like a vibe it totally is, especially in the Bali heat. We ended up ordering more just because!

Warung Jaba is small and cosy with dimly lit corners and a constant dog begging at your feet. You can either choose to order off the menu or pick your faves from the buffet behind the curtain. The usual suspect of Nasi Goreng and Mi Goreng can be found between some more western dishes but if you go to a Warung go authentic!

Do they sell alcohol – Yes ( Bintangs go for 25.000 )

Average food price – 35.000 IDR

Open for – Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Vibe – Ultra casual




  • Megan

    May 15, 2019

    Can’t wait to try some of these places! Thank you for the post


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