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Birthday Wish

This past weekend was spent doing some DIY to our house and also celebrating my birthday on Sunday with a Moroccan/Greek BBQ get together. Even though my birthday is in July which is basically the middle of Winter in SA I always seem to get a super hot day. This year was no exception and I loved the warm weather which was perfect for our outside party.

Mike and the kittens spoiled me with flowers, pressies and a delicious brekkie before everyone arrived. I am not super into birthdays but its always nice getting spoiled right?

I had some fun decorating our outside area as well with H&M tropical scatter cushions, plants and of course some bubbly!

Birthdays also give you some time to reflect and it was so strange to think that last year this time Mike was in Ethiopia and it was the first Birthday in 14 years that we had spent apart.

Since then we have travelled to so many amazing places, we moved out of our apartment and into a house and we have watched our tiny kittens grow into amazing cats. Life isn’t always great but a positive outlook can definitely go a long way. For the rest of this year I will continue working hard and staying focused and I am excited for what else might happen!

My main birthday wish is for people to stop the hate and focus more on spreading good. Nothing good ever came from bad vibes in my opinion!



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