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Hiking Little Adams Peak in Ella Sri Lanka

Hiking little Adams Peak in Ella is something you need to add to your Sri Lanka bucket list. The green and gorgeous mountainous region of Ella is an adventure seekers paradise with plenty of outdoor activities. Dramatic mountains with windy […]

Kelingking on Nusa Penida | Ultimate Guide

In the last few years Kelingking on Nusa Penida has really become a must do on any Bali itinerary. The stunning beach and interesting rock that looks like a T-Rex head has the crowds coming to this rural island on […]

My Top 7 Cape Town Hikes With Epic Views

Cape Town Hikes Cape Town is any hikers paradise, with multiple trails up almost all of our gorgeous mountains. Michael and I hike pretty often and we love going up to take some awesome photos as well. If you don’t […]

5 Things To Know Before Hiking Up Lions Head

5 Things to know before hiking up Lions Head Lions head is one of the most popular hiking routes ( if not the most ) in Cape Town. Its a hot spot for tourists and locals alike and a daily […]

20 Instagrammable Places In Cape Town

There are way more than 20 instagrammable places in Cape Town right? For the sake of keeping this post decent though here are a few of my favorites. Its filled to the brim with pretty places and insane views which […]

Hiking Etiquette 101

I would say Mike and I are quite avid hikers. We love getting out onto the trails and we are always encouraging others to do the same. In my mind if you are a fan of hiking you are also […]

Conquering the Otter Trail with Jungle Oats

Jungle Oats Instant Sachets Jungle Oats is a brand that I have been familiar with all my life. When we were small we used to call it “tiertjie pap” which translates to tiger cereal because of their logo. Recently I […]

My Otter Trail Hiking Essentials

Recently I got given the opportunity to join a few fellow adventurers on the Otter Trail hike. This hike is one of the most gorgeous ones in the country ( or so I have heard ) and some people even […]

Diagonal Cave Hike

One of the things Michael and I always try and do on the weekends is hike somewhere and this time we decided to the Diagonal cave hike. We have done this one before but its right by us and has […]

Oude Schip Island Adventure

Oude Schip Island Adventure! Michael and I love to go hiking on weekends. We do a few smaller hikes during the week, just up the pipe track to watch the sun set and get some exercise but on weekends we […]


Hi everyone, my name is Carlinn and I am a blogger and photographer from Cape Town, South Africa. Join me as I travel the world and tick adventures off my bucket list!

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