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7 Instagramable Places In Hong Kong

Instagramable Places in Hong Kong I was blown away by the diversity of Hong Kong with it’s tall skyscrapers and lush mountain backdrops. It had an amazing mix of very new and very old with interesting things to see around […]

How To Find The Yick Cheong Building in Hong Kong

Yick Cheong Building otherwise known as the Monster Building is a housing estate in Quarry bay on Hong Kong Island. This gritty housing estate is pretty famous and has been featured in Hollywood Blockbusters like Ghost in a shell and […]

How To Find Choi Hung Estate Basketball Court in Hong Kong

Choi Hung Estate is one of the oldest housing estates in Honk Kong and also home to a really instagramable spot! A basketball court set against a pastel coloured apartment block has captured the hearts of photographers and now there […]

Staying at The Shangri-La Island Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant, exciting place and Shangri-La Island an oasis of luxury set against the backdrop of a lush mountain peak. We recently had the pleasure to experience what Hong Kong has to offer while staying at this […]


Hi everyone, my name is Carlinn and I am a blogger and photographer from Cape Town, South Africa. Join me as I travel the world and tick adventures off my bucket list!

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