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Drone Footage In Cape Town


This last Saturday Michael and I set out with our brand new DJI Phantom 3 drone from Orms to go get some footage. We were super excited and so glad it was a beautiful wind free day in Cape Town. Our mission was to get some shots from above of the turquoise water and we got that and so much more!

We headed out onto the coastal road towards Llandudno which was our first stop on our droning mission! The conditions were absolutely perfect with only a very slight breeze, some surfers in the water and waves breaking perfectly onto the almost empty shore. The battery on the drone only lasts for about 30min till it needs to be charged again so we had to use it sparingly if we had a whole day planned away from home.

The footage we got was absolutely amazing and I still can’t get over how cool everything just seems to look from up above! I would have never seen all these cool water whirlpools that kept on popping up in all our ocean shots or how amazing waves look from above. Ahhh the joys of droning especially somewhere as beautiful as Cape Town!

After our epic mission at Llandudno we decided to hit up Chapmans peak and then drive to Kalk Bay for lunch. We also had to charge our drone battery so we decided to go to one of our favorite spots Cape to Cuba for some yummy nachos!

We wanted to drive the coastal way home again even though its R40 a pop going over Chapmans peak and I am so glad we did. As we drove into Noordhoek we saw atlantic fog rolling in over the ocean and we almost did a little dance because we live for low clouds!

We ended up droning a bit and then getting a sick timelapse from the top of Chappies with the mist coming over little lions head and the Hout Bay area!

The weather turned so strange after that with low and high clouds mixing and it almost looked like we were going to get no sunset but just at it neared 7 everything opened and we managed to get a few last drone pics down at the beach before almost passing out at home from over excitement!

I cant wait for a really pretty sunset to get some more shots of the drone but unfortunately it is soooo windy out today so that wont be happening anytime soon 🙁

Check out my youtube vlog I made of the day to see more!

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