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Drone Photos Of Reunion Island That Will Make You Want To Visit

Here are some drone photos of Reunion island taken by my friend Andy from a trip we went on last year. I fell in love with the island and you will too especially after seeing these gorgeous photos!


We were staying in Saint-Gilles which is a beautiful area right next to the lagoon so a lot of the photos are from there and I cant get over how breathtaking the lagoon looks from above!

It was my absolute favorite things to wake up really early and walk down our little pathway to the beach. The sky always turned the pretties pink colour and the water looked absolutely stunning and inviting.

We didn’t just get to see Reunion from the drones perspective though. We also did a heli flip where we flew over some epic waterfalls and an actual erupting volcano as well as paragliding off a mountain onto a black sand beach which was just so epic.

We didn’t have our drone at that time yet but I wish we did as there were so many epic places I wanted to take photos of from above. That just gives us the excuse to go back and explore some more right?

Michael also used some drone footage in the travel diary video he made for us and I still go back often and watch the video. I always get goosebumps when I relive our time there! If you go and you are keen to create some content I would definitely suggest bringing all your toys! We used a gopro for filming underwater and also to do some selfies and film while we were hiking as it was easier than with the camera. We had two cameras and wide lenses are a must to capture the landscapes and the stars! We were lucky enough to see the milky way rising over the lagoon so that was pretty special. I wish we had the Karma drone released by gopro this week with us back then as it looks insane!

Have you ever been to Reunion?





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