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Eating at the Beautiful Babylonstoren Greenhouse

Babylonstoren Greenhouse restaurant is the type of place you end up spending a lot of time at. It has a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and delicious farm fresh food ( don’t even get me started on the amazing wine! ) We have tried out the two other restaurants on the property, the Bakery and Babel and they were both amazing so on a warm Autumn morning we decided to head out to Franschhoek for an early lunch at the Greenhouse.

Here are a few reasons why we loved it!

The food at the Greenhouse

Homemade and fresh with a farm to table attitude the Greenhouse restaurant has a simple but hearty and delicious menu. Sadly for us we are busy with an intense 8 week challenge and most carbs and cheeses are off the table ( I am also a vegetarian ) so we have to wait to go back and enjoy homemade bread and beetroot hummus ( my favorite! ) yummy scones and belly filling chicken pot pies.

I ordered the salad with a surprise which ended up being a delicious caprese salad which you can have chicken with it as well if you prefer. Mike had the soup of the day ( minestrone ) with some biltong on the side. We did a bit of sharing with the soup and salad, I stayed away from the biltong but he let me know how good it was! We also powered up with two of their fresh juices and had a bit of a cheat with some wine!


The Rosé ( that you can really drink all day! )

Ok so lets talk about the Babylonstoren Mourvèdre Rosé. It gets described as strawberry yogurt and candyfloss and let me tell you that is so on point. It is however not sweet at all just creamy and utterly delicious. If you are more of a white wine fan then you need to try their Chardonnay or a nice bottle ( yes BOTTLE! ) of Shiraz if its cold outside.

The instagram worthy surroundings

If you haven’t been to Babylonstoren yet then put it on your list. The entire farm is absolutely gorgeous with gardens, and flowers and fruit everywhere. It really is a paradise to take photos in. Their restaurants are obviously just as photogenic as the rest and even sitting down and having lunch felt like such a treat.

I chose a backdrop of flowers and a table that was perfect for two just inside the doors of the Greenhouse. There are also plenty of outside tables under the large oak trees if the weather permits. At the back of the greenhouse we found some pumpkins which called for another impromptu photoshoot before our food arrived.

No reservations except for groups of 13-25 people so get there early on weekends as there might be a waiting list. Its open everyday from 10:00-16:00. Check out more on their website




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