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Diamond beach on Nusa Penida was actually one of my favorite stops on our day tour. Getting it’s name from the diamond shaped rocks resting in the turquoise water it really is an incredible sight! The beach is pretty much a little slice of paradise and not completely overrun by people just yet. This is mostly due to the fact that day tourists skip the eastern part of the island in favor of Kelingking. This breathtaking beach has also only been accessible since late 2018 when a staircase was carved in the rocks. You really need your camera, gopro, drone and any other gear charged when visiting this beach as it is super photogenic!

Top tip – Stay on the island for a few nights to be able to experience everything including this stunning beach.

Here is everything you need to know before visiting Diamond beach on Nusa Penida

Diamond beach nusa penida

Where is Diamond beach on Nusa Penida

Diamond beach is located right next to another gorgeous beach called Atuh and a two minute drive from the thousand islands viewpoint. All of these attractions are located on the eastern side of Nusa Penida and it is really worth doing a full day trip out there!

If you type in Atuh beach in Google maps it will take you to the parking lot it shares with Diamond beach. The roads getting there are a bit bumpy so be careful if you go on a scooter. Once you get to the parking lot the beaches will be difficult to miss as there are sign boards and a big path. The path veers off to two steep staircases, the first one on your right being for Diamond beach.


Entry fee at Diamond beach

Entrance fee at Diamond ( including Atuh beach ) is 10.000 IDR per person. There is a hut where you can pay and get your pink ticket from. These types of entry fees are quit common in Bali and surrounds and it’s such a small amount I definitely don’t mind paying it!

diamond beach view nusa penida

Are the stairs dangerous at Diamond beach

These stairs were only completed at the end of 2018 so they are still quite new! I however did not find them to be scary or dangerous but I put that down to my hiking experience. I walked down without shoes as it is a bit slippery with sandals.

The first section isn’t very steep and has a rope on the one side to hold on to. The second bit however is where people get scared as the stairs are quite high and there is a bit of scrambling involved. This part might be difficult for children, older people or anyone with injuries or disabilities. We had to assist two girls in getting down as they were too scared by themselves. Remember to pack water as you get really thirsty climbing up and down the stairs in the heat!

Top tip – Put your backpack on your front and climb down facing forward to see where you are going. 

diamond beach stairs nusa penida

The swing at Diamond beach

Another new addition is a swing and nest right at the bottom of the staircase at Diamond beach. These are super instagramable and totally worth it! I didn’t have to wait in a line as it wasn’t extremely busy so that always helps! It cost me 100.000 IDR for 10 swings, although that means ten pushes so more swings than that. The nest is 50.000 IDR for a photo so I think the swing is definitely more worth it as you get an experience as well!

Diamond beach swing nusa penida

Diamond beach swing nusa penida

Photo tips for Diamond beach

There are a few different places to get some epic shots at Diamond beach on Nusa Penida.

The top view point – Before descending down the stairs there is a patch of ground on the left that makes for an epic photo. I feel like this might have been the old view point before the stairs were built!

On the stairs – The top bit of the stairs is very photogenic carved into the white rock! It is a popular spot for photos so be prepared to wait a while to get the perfect shot.

The swing – It is so worth paying the fee to go on the swing and get a photo. Not only is it super fun but it looks so insanely cool!

On the beach itself – The amazing diamond shaped rocks jutting out of the water and the perfectly white sand the beach is a great place to get a shot.

Drone photos – Seeing the beach from up above will give you an epic perspective and some really great shots from all the angles!

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